You know exactly what to do

you know exactly what to do

Do You Know What You're Eating?

Lyrics to 'I Know Exactly What To Do' by Sahara Hotnights. There are a hundred pointers, we don't ever want to care about It's time for a policy, they don't want to know nothing about Common sense and reality, words we don't like, never did like I have a cloud beckons over me and the wrong and the right. You know exactly what to do. It's just a matter of finding the courage to carry out what you know. the best course of action is the thing that we innately know and we know what to do, sometimes the other person or society or whatever the situation will discourage us from acting out.

It comes up over and over again. Handing yourself over to the not-knowing and to full immersion in attention to the present, trusting your instinct will find the deep knowledge you need in any instant. The actor had a gift, given by god, and was the channel for divine inspiration.

But good acting is not about concentrating too hard, its about paying attention and then letting things happen. My friend Chris Heimann once ran a workshop for our little network.

First wuat asked us all to imagine a thing on a shelf in our houses, then take the imaginary objects of the shelf, examine and caress it, then describe it to others.

Then he asked us to imagine a dusty old cupboard under the stairs in the cellar, a shelf, hidden behind an old frayed velvet curtain which had on it objects we knew nothing of, left by the previous owner. We had to, in the dark, put our hand through the curtain, fumble on the shelf for an unknown object and try, unseen, to work out what it was. These objects were slimy, mouldy, spongy things which revolted us. They were what was there when we knod the borders of control off our imaginations.

Those are the things we need to be willing to find if we are to express the whole of our messy experience, not just the tidy stuff that can go on show for visitors. My singing teacher, Howard Millnersays pretty much the same in a different way. For him its the wave, the wave of the life force that can knock you off your feet. All we need to do is learn how to get out of the way, make an empty space through which the force flows. This knw where our attention needs to be directed. To making and loving the uncertainty of a narratively whole empty space which allows expression of who we really are to take shape beyond our control.

The older metaphors about contolling animals work beautifully. The image that I came yuo with for whar, as I marveled at my weakness, was that I was a rider on the back of an elephant. The mahoot is not the man in charge. The elephant is the elephant in charge, or most likely charging.

And somehow from elephants to Matisse. This from an article in the Guardian on 12th May about the unknowing and anxiety with which he approached his back sculptures:. He made the last and most uncompromising of the Backs the same year, manipulating a vast mass of wet clay alone all through a sweltering Paris summer, knowing, or what day will it be in 180 days any rate suspecting, that nobody but himself would ever see the finished work.

It was as if he needed to touch base before veering blindly in a new direction without knowing where he was heading, or what he might find if he got there. Back IV was the last work he completed before setting sail for Tahiti on a voyage of discovery that would eventually lead to the great cut-and-painted paper compositions of his last decade.

Veering blindly in a new direction without knowing where he was going. Just as we do on our elephants. Just as Chris got us to do as we fumbled behind the curtain in the cupboard under the stairs to find we knew not what.

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Jun 15,  · If you know exactly what you are going to do, what is the point of doing it? Posted on June 15, | Leave a comment. So Picasso. It comes up over and over again. Handing yourself over to the not-knowing and to full immersion in attention to the present, trusting your instinct will find the deep knowledge you need in any instant. Aug 05,  · You're probably looking to say, “I'm not going to do that unless there is something more in this for me or something else that you're going to give.” That's what we're really saying. We're not. Nov 23,  · Do you want to hear a little secret? I don't think you realize what you're eating! I mean, in the literal sense, you know exactly what you're eating. You know you're eating pizza and nachos on the weekend. You know you're eating chips and ice cream when you .

When you live in a world that is constantly telling you to follow your heart, trust your gut, quit your day job and do what you love, it can be disheartening to find yourself not knowing where to start. Finding your purpose is not about realizing that you are destined to be in a monastery or devoting your life to one, singular vocation or goal.

Your purpose is not one job, it is not one relationship, it is not even one career field. Your purpose is, first and foremost, just to be here. Your existence has shifted the world in a way that it is invisible to you. Without you, absolutely nothing would exist just as it is right now. Your purpose today may have been to offer someone a smile when they were at their lowest. When you realize that you are literally always impacting the world around you, you start to realize something: the most important thing you can do to live meaningfully is to work on yourself.

To consciously become the happiest, kindest and most gracious version of yourself. Your own path you make with every step you take. Your career is not nothing. It is how you will spend the majority of your day, every day, for the better part of your life. You are the blueprint of your future. It does not the thing at which you and only you can succeed more so than anyone else.

It is the things that naturally call you, that effortlessly flow out of you, and that evoke specific emotions from you. You are here to work those out. You are here to transform them.

Your ultimate purpose is to become the ideal version of yourself. Everything else flows from there. Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you want to know what your purpose really is:. Everything comes with its own unique set of challenges, so the question is really: what are you willing to work for? What are you willing to be uncomfortable for? The best possible version of yourself — the most loving, kind, productive and self-aware version — is who you really are.

This differentiates what you are doing because you want to do it, and what you are doing for the sake of how it looks to other people. Forget about the elevator speech. Forget about having a fancy title, or impressing people on LinkedIn.

Think about what you want to do day-in and day-out. A lot of people get into jobs they think will make them happy, but realize they only liked the idea of them and not the day-to-day reality. Who do you want to be remembered as? What do you want to be known for? Most people come into awareness of their purpose not because they are effortlessly clear on what their talents are and how they can best utilize them, but because at some point, they find themselves lost, depleted, exhausted, and with their backs against the wall.

In experiencing hardship and challenge, we begin to realize what really matters to us. It sparks a flame that, when kindled through action and commitment, becomes a transformative fire. If you listen to the stories of many of the most successful people in the world, they often begin with unimaginable hardship.

In the face of the most unlikely situations, these people are forced into action. Comfort and complacency is not an option. They realize they must become the heroes of their own lives and the creators of their own futures.

Free will exists, and thus, the slate is empty, and your actions every day are writing it out. At the end of your life, your purpose will be defined not by how you struggled, what circumstances you were in, or what you were supposed to do, but how you responded in the face of adversity, who you were to the people in your life, and what you did each day that slowly, in its own unique way, changed the course of humanity.

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