What piercing am i quiz

what piercing am i quiz

Quiz: What Piercing Should You Get?

Apr 15,  · Do you know what piercing should you get? Piercings that appear anywhere other than the ears are assumed to be reserved for rock and roll fans. Piercings are a work of art and to be worn with pride. Do you want to get a piercing but don’t know where? Take up this fun quiz and find a spot. Any piercing you get is going to send a message to the world about who you are. More importantly, it should make you feel like the rock star you know you are inside. Let our quiz help you decide which piercing best suits! We’ll help you know if you can carry off huge gauges, or if you should keep it visible only to yourself and your closest Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Wondering which type of ear piercing you should get next? With so many different ones out there, deciding on the right one for you can seem like a what piercing am i quiz task.

Rather than spend hours and hours figuring out which one you want, take this quiz to see if a daith, tragus, industrial, or helix piercing is right for you! In the mood for a new ear piercing? Take this quiz to see if you should get a daith, tragus, industrial, or helix piercing to make a decision easier! You'll need JavaScript to take the quiz. Ashley Locke. Apr 19, How high is your pain tolerance? I don't have one. It's somewhere in the middle. Pretty high. Do you already have what is the best way to relax yourself ear piercing?

Which type of piercing are you looking for? Something simple. Something that looks good with my other piercings. Something that's trendy.

Something that stands out. How would you describe yourself? Do needles scare you? A little bit. What's your favorite season? Choose a color! How badly do you want this piercing? I'm not sure at all. I really want to get it, but I'm not entirely sure I should. It's whatever. Nothing will stop me. If you weren't getting an ear piercing, which other face piercing would you get?

Nose piercing. Smiley piercing. Tongue piercing. Belly button piercing. Does your hair cover your ears? My hair is always in a ponytail. All the time. It depends on the day. Where do you want your ear piercing to how to save internet page on your ear? Higher up. Lower down. Somewhere in the middle. Would you want a hoop or a stud? Why do you want this piercing? To be trendy. To look cool. Just because. I want to add to my collection.

Do you want your piercing to be hidden? Are you prepared to take care of your piercing? That would be a no. I think I am. I'm more than ready. It depends on how long it takes.

Should You Get a Nose, Ear, or Bellybutton Piercing Next?

Take Our Super Accurate Quiz, and We'll Tell You Which Piercing Will Be The Best For You! In recent years, we can observe that piercing has become very popular. Most of the people we pass on the street, watch on TV or see on internet portals have their navel, nose, lip, or other body part pierced. Jan 07,  · Nose piercing for sure! by uh_itskate. Community Contributor. Approved and edited by BuzzFeed Community Team BuzzFeed Quiz Party! You can join and make your own posts and quizzes. Are you a sexy belly button piercing? Or are you a non-conformist lip piercing?

In recent years, we can observe that piercing has become very popular. Most of the people we pass on the street, watch on TV or see on internet portals have their navel, nose, lip, or other body part pierced. Some people do it for an obvious reason - they like to embellish their bodies with unusual accessories. The rest of them pierce their bodies, such as celebrating an important event in their lives, wanting to be sexier, or showing their original style.

Whatever your reason for earrings is, our 'what piercing should I get quiz' is the best way to find out which piercing will be perfect for you! Are you wondering what it feels like and you would like to try it yourself? Or maybe you've been dreaming about having a piercing for a long time, but you don't know where it would suit you? Which piercing should you choose to suit you? Perhaps you already have a chosen site that you would like to pierce, but are wondering if it will hurt a lot?

Put all your worries aside and take the 'what piercing should I get quiz' now! By honestly answering the questions in this quiz, you will find out which piercing you should have!

The ear is the most frequently chosen form of piercing. Over the years, many more methods of ear piercing have emerged than just the lower earlobes. There are also, e. These piercings differ from each other in the healing time.

Namely, they range from 1 to even 9 months. Industrial takes the longest time to heal, and it cannot be done to everyone. This decision depends on the anatomy of each individual. There are also earrings that push the ear - the so-called tunnels or plugs.

When the owner of such a piercing wants to give it up after many years, he must take into account that his ear will not return to its standard size.

The only option is to suture the lower auricle surgically, which will not look natural anyway. Eyebrow piercing consists of piercing the brow bone. It is a very well-supplied place with blood, so you have to take into account the possibility of bruising and swelling in this place.

There are 3 types of eyebrow piercing: standard eyebrow, horizontal eyebrow, anti eyebrow. The healing time of each type ranges from 3 to 12 months. There are 4 nose piercings. The first is the most frequently chosen one - nostril piercing.

It is performed on the right or left side of the nose. Another is bridge piercing, vertical bridge piercing and septum - performed on the nasal septum, and nasallang - piercing a pair of nostrils and nasal septum.

Depending on the organism, the healing time of these earrings is from 3 to 9 months. The beginnings of tongue piercing date back to the Maya and Aztecs. Today it is still eagerly chosen because it is not as visible as, for example, a nose ring or an eyebrow ring.

A badly selected earring can adversely affect the condition of our oral cavity because it can hook on the gums, palate and even destroy our enamel. It is crucial to take care of oral hygiene immediately after the procedure so that no food remains in the piercing area.

To do this, rinse your mouth frequently with a suitable fluid. We distinguish piercings such as the standard tongue, venom, tongue rim, tongue web, snake eye, horizontal tongue.

The healing period is months. The most common piercing is at the top of the navel and is vertical standard navel , and there is also a vertical piercing at the bottom of the navel reverse navel. It is often chosen for the reason that it is not directly visible. We can decide ourselves when we want it to be visible. The standard healing time is months. These piercings carry a high risk of migration.

By this, we mean the situation when the body rejects the earring and tries to get rid of it. In this case, you should immediately go to the piercer where you performed the piercing or to the doctor. The face piercing includes cheeks, anti eyebrow, sideburn, chin.

Healing time varies from 3 to 5 months. There are, of course, many other places where piercing can be done, including the lips, nipples, hip, and even the nape of the neck. You can also check if you should get your nipples pierced. If you want to get a piercing, you should also learn about the contraindications that may stand in your way. These can be illness or a cold, pregnancy and breastfeeding, cancer, allergy to metals, blood-related diseases coagulation disorders, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis , allergies, chronic diseases.

You've already seen some of the body piercings, so it's time to take the quiz! Do you already know more or less which earring you would like to have? But is it sure it will suit you? This is a long-term decision, so don't shoot blindly. Take the 'what piercing should I get quiz,' and you will find out if you will be in a given face piercing! What's your pain threshold? Do you suffer from a mosquito bite, or maybe you can smash bricks with your bare hand?

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