What is the role of seta

what is the role of seta

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

The role of the SETAs. The functions and responsibilities of SETAs are set out in Chapter 3, section 10 of the Skills Development Act, which are to: Develop and implement a sector skills plan. This is a plan to describe the trends in each sector, the skills that . Sep 15,  · SETA contractors give the government the ability to be flexible and adjust with changing needs – something they struggle to do with their own hiring practices. With SETA contracts in place, federal offices can identify common roles that will always be in need that do not need a government representative to complete, and then they can outsource that work to dattiktok.comted Reading Time: 5 mins.

Many ot are making efforts to address the widespread skills shortfall by offering their employees skills-development training. In fact, this is considered so vital that employers who invest in skills training benefit greatly when it comes to their BBBEE scores. To ensure good-quality skills development, Sector Education and Training Authorities were established in the late s.

There are currently 21 SETAs, each with the responsibility of assessing and accrediting training providers in every sector of South African industry—from agriculture, fisheries and forest services to financial services, safety and security services, and mining.

SETAs have various roles when it comes to overseeing the skills development landscape. Among the roles that each SETA fulfils are:. The cornerstone of this mission is the establishment of SETA-accredited training courses, which carries massive benefits for employers and employees alike.

Any qualifications they earn this way are solid as rock. Secondly, SETA-accredited courses are nationally recognised by employers in that industry. This can open up new opportunities for employment and self-improvement in ways that non-accredited training just does not. SETA-accredited how to get ksca membership development is money well spent.

The nationwide recognition of SETA-accredited training means that the courses completed are reputable, thorough and relevant. In terms of BBBEE scorecards, SETA-accredited training counts strongly towards the skills development score, and also allows employers to benefit from tax rebates, as they can claim back against skills development levies.

It also functions as a cost-management measure, thanks to a potentially reduced payroll bill. Not only does using a SETA-accredited trainer maximise potential BBBEE points, it also ensures that employers have a workforce well-equipped with up-to-date industry-specific skills, cutting back on time and productivity lost to error or lack of knowledge. In addition, employees trained in SETA-accredited courses rlle away considerably upskilled, which should boost rle and efficiency, and thus revenue.

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SETA Training

Oct 23,  · The functions and responsibilities of Setas are set out in Chapter 3, Section 10 of the Skills Development Act, The Act states that the role of a Seta is to: Develop a sector skills plan Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. “ SETA” stands for Sector Education and Training Authority. What do SETAs do? The functions and responsibilities of SETAs are set out in Chapter 3, section 10 the Skills Development Act, Their main function is to contribute to the raising of skills, to bring skills to the employed, or those wanting to be employed, in their section. A SETA is a body that is responsible for overseeing skills development and training within a particular industry sector. Different SETAs were established for the different industry sectors in terms of the Skills Development Act 97 of A SETA can also be accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as an Education and Training Quality Assurance body (ETQA), which .

These organizations were re-established by the Minister of Labour, Membathisi Mdladlana, on 3 March They are concerned with education and training and their job is to help implement the National Skills Development Strategy and to increase the skills of people in their sector.

They cover every industry and occupation whereas the Industry Training Boards covered some sectors only and focused mainly on apprenticeships. SETAs are concerned with learnerships, the internships, learning programme type matrix and unit based skills programme. There are millions of people who need to learn new skills.

Some are already in jobs who need to improve their skills and to learn new ones. Each year there are thousands of young people who finish their education and are looking for jobs. They need skills and training. There are nearly 4. Most of them have few skills and little training. There is an estimated figure of between 6, and 7, unemployed graduates. There are those who want to run their own businesses; people with disabilities, and those whose current skills provide them with barely enough money to survive.

All need and can benefit from skills development. SETAs have been established to manage the many skills development needs. Each SETA coordinates skills development in its particular sector. For the purposes of planning and managing the delivery of training, the economy has been divided into 23 sectors, each of which has its own SETA.

A sector is made up of economic activities that are linked and related. So, for example, there is a SETA that deals with the banking sector: another is concerned with skills development in the information technology sector; another is responsible for the manufacturing sector and there is a SETA for agriculture.

The SETAs cover both the public and private sectors. Seta's South Africa. Skip to content. What is a SETA? Posted on September 14, by admin. This is an information site. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. Search for:. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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