What is the best laptop case for a macbook pro

what is the best laptop case for a macbook pro

The best MacBook Pro cases for 2021

Mar 30, †Ј When most cases are either extremely minimalist or too expressive, the Mujjo sleeve is one of the best MacBook Pro cases because it falls directly in . Apr 16, †Ј Snap-on One of the most common types of cases designed for your MacBook Pro are snap-on style cases. This kind of case is usually made from rigid plastic, rubber or polycarbonate and grips onto the edges of your computer.

When you take the plunge to purchase one, you must purchase a case. Having the right case will guarantee the safety of your machine: No scratches, cracked screens, or busted hardware.

How to watch avi format help you choose the best one, we have taken the liberty of doing our tge research.

Below, you will find the best cases on the market. The Mosiso MacBook Pro 13 case is iz in a variety of colors and patterns, from roses to colorful swirls and other patterns. The shockproof hard case from Mektron takes protecting your MacBook Pro to a whole new level. It combines a hard shell lapto; protective, shock-absorbing ridges on the front and back of every corner, ensuring that drops and bangs are warded off in equal measure. The rubberized feet offer additional functionality that lets you tilt the laptop for a better angle for on-desk typing, and there are vents on the underside to make sure that the MacBook gets enough airflow to remain cool.

Compatible with both the and inch MacBook Pro, the Mektron Shockproof Outer Hard Bet is model-dependent, however, czse make sure to order the right case for your particular notebook. Just be prepared to pay for the privilege. Cutouts for all ports mean you retain easy access to everything you had without the case in place and bext are several color options to pick from. A more generic laptop carry case, the Tomtoc Protective Briefcase combines a reinforced fabric shell with a soft, cushioned interior that wraps around all corners and sides.

Each corner of the case has a rubberized, protective material to add additional strength to mavbook overall structure of the bag, and there are two front pockets with space for accessories like chargers and other smart devices.

To top it all off, there us a carry handle for easy transportation Ч making the Tomtoc Protective Laptop Briefcase a perfect companion to a sleeved or naked MacBook Pro. The surface boasts a dot design that adds some style to the case while providing valuable friction for what does the word conceivable mean gripping. Ventilation opening on the Incase Hardshell iis inch MacBook Pro case will keep your laptop from overheating while you use it, prolonging its battery life and protecting you from burns.

Rubberized feet help it stay in place on the table. This case provides thorough protection and conscientious storage for your Macbook in a tastefully understated case that you can depend on. The Waterfield Sleevecase is sleek so your laptop will still fit in your bag without adding unnecessary bulk.

This case provides soft, form-fitting protection, plus a lot of customization perks. The interior of this Waterfield inch MacBookPro Sleevecase is composed of neoprene for soft protection, and the outside can besst either a waxed canvas with leather accents for style or a ballistic nylon shell for added protection, depending on your needs. Note that prices can vary a little depending nest your customization choices. Tomtoc Protective Laptop Briefcase A more generic laptop carry case, the Tomtoc Protective Briefcase combines a reinforced fabric shell with a soft, cushioned interior that wraps around all corners mwcbook sides.

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Oct 05, †Ј The ProCase hard shell cover is an excellent quality, easy to use case designed for the Mac Book Pro It is made with superior material and a soft rubberizing finish. This not only adds an appealing texture to the case but also serves to protect your machine from scratches. Aug 24, †Ј The LuvCase 2-in-1 Laptop Case for MacBook Pro is a great bang-for-your-buck because this pink marble-themed case comes with a keyboard cover. It's for inch MacBook Pros, so if . Mar 12, †Ј With over 40 solid colour options, plus a range of more graphic designs to choose from, Mosiso offer a case for every taste, and as each case comes with a keyboard protector as well, this is really the best overall MacBook Pro case option out there. Each case snaps on, and at around ounces is lightweight enough for you to soon not notice it.

We use cookies and similar technologies to run this website and help us understand how you use it. We purchase every product we review with our own funds Ч we never accept anything from product manufacturers. With a sleek, anodized aluminum body, MacBook Pros are as much a statement of form as function.

A high-quality case can not only help protect your computer but can accentuate its looks, as well. If you only occasionally take your MacBook Pro outside the home or office, the risk of something happening is probably fairly low Ч although it only takes one incident to damage a machine that can cost thousands of dollars. Either way, there are numerous case styles and designs on the market, and this shopping guide can help you find the one that best suits your needs.

When choosing a case for your MacBook Pro , the biggest factor to consider is the level of protection the case will provide. Some offer a bare minimum of protection, mainly from cosmetic scratches and light dents. Heavy-duty cases can protect your MacBook Pro from everything from scratches and dents to spills and even drops. Others, while offering far more protection, are bulkier and turn your sleek MacBook Pro into the computer equivalent of a tank.

When shopping for a case, you should try to find one designed specifically for the MacBook Pro rather than a generic case designed for use with any computer within a size range.

A case designed specifically for your model will fit snugly and offer better protection. A third consideration is the level of personalization a case offers. Some cases are made so you can decorate them, draw on them and use them as an expression of your individuality and creativity. One of the most common types of cases designed for your MacBook Pro are snap-on style cases. This kind of case is usually made from rigid plastic, rubber or polycarbonate and grips onto the edges of your computer.

One piece will snap onto the top half of your MacBook Pro Ч the side with the Apple logo Ч while the second piece snaps on the bottom half.

Some cases in this category also come with a plastic keyboard cover as well as a screen protector. Another popular style of case is a sleeve. Sleeve cases offer protection but at the cost of convenience, since a sleeve only protects your MacBook Pro when the computer is inside it and not in use. To use the computer, you have to take it out of the sleeve. Sleeves come in a variety of styles, including slim portfolio sleeves that look professional and are designed to be used alone.

Others are designed to be slipped inside a computer bag, such as a backpack or messenger bag, offering an additional layer of protection.

This is a good option for when you want maximum protection while in transit but will be using your computer in a relatively safe environment. Prices for MacBook Pro cases vary almost as much as the cases themselves, depending on materials, design and extras included.

These cases will be basic snap-on or sleeve-style cases. With a little effort, you can find a snap-on case in this price range that includes the keyboard and screen protectors.

Sleeves may incorporate leather rather than cloth or neoprene, and snap-on cases will be made from higher-end materials that offer better protection and shock absorption. Expensive: Cases in this class are made from premium materials and offer the very best in looks and function.

Stylish cases in this category are made from the finest leather, fit for any boardroom or professional environment. Cases designed primarily for protection take it to the next level, offering military-grade drop and impact protection. There are small differences from one generation of MacBook Pro to another that can affect whether a case will fit.

Over time, excessive heat can damage your battery and other internal components. A case with ventilation slots will help dissipate heat rather than trap it. Some cases have a built-in stand that elevates the back of the MacBook Pro by an inch or two.

This helps with ventilation, and it also improves ergonomics by giving you additional viewing angles. If you like the protection and style of a sleeve, some manufacturers offer extra features with their designs, including carrying straps and compartments for your smartphone and other items.

Probably not, especially if you go with a minimalist design. Snap-on cases often weigh only a few ounces and should not have much of an effect. Will a snap-on case show messy fingerprints? Will I still be able to access all the ports on the side of my MacBook Pro?

Yes, if you buy a case specifically designed for your MacBook Pro model. As versatile as it is sturdy, this premium sleeve is a top pick for people who travel with their MacBook Pro. If you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing your MacBook Pro will make it from point A to point B unscathed, the Gauntlet is a solid bet. This surprisingly rugged MacBook case is a great option for anyone who dislikes bulky and hefty cases. You would be hard-pressed to find a more luxurious and stylish MacBook Pro case than this European leather model.

The initial investment for this lightweight case is worth the impressive protection it provides for a MacBook Pro. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Bottom Line. Best of the Best.

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Sign up. Some manufacturers have a serial-number-lookup feature. Be careful to select a case that is easy to open and close while still offering the protection you need. Some rugged cases have been known to cause MacBook Pro screens to crack over time because of the pressure required to open them.

Other Products We Considered. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. MacBook Pro inch Plastic Cover. MacBook Pro 13 Case. Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 13". MacBook Pro 13 inch Case. MacBook Pro 13 Inch Case.

Cactus MacBook Pro 13 inch Case. Case Star. Laptop Case for MacBook Pro May Chen. Laptop case for MacBook Pro 13 inch. Case for New MacBook Pro 13 inch.

MacBook Pro 13 inch Case Red. MacBook Pro 13 inch Case Frost. MacBook Pro 13 inch Case Camel. MacBook Pro 13 inch Case Gray. MacBook Pro 13 inch Case White. Our Top Picks. Shop Now.

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