What is an eternity ring

what is an eternity ring

Everything You Need to Know About Eternity Rings

An eternity ring is a metal band with no beginning or end. It is called an ‘eternity’ ring because it is eternal. These rings are often used as wedding bands but also have other functions (discussed below). The quintessential eternity ring. Jan 19,  · Eternity rings are metal bands that traditionally include diamonds or other stones around the circumference of the entire ring. Typically, each stone has the same shape and setting, giving the ring a uniform appearance meant to suggest everlasting love.

You may have heard of eternity rings or eternity bands, but are still not quite sure what they are or what they represent. The following is a short but complete guide to what eternity rings look like, where they come from, when you rig give or receive one, and when you should wear one.

An eternity ring, or eternity band, is a circular band made of precious metal and covered with gemstones all around the band. This means that eternity rings leave a eyernity of room for personalization, which is in keeping with their meaning. The stones encircling the entire band have no beginning and no end, and thus represent eternity — the length of time that the couple will be together.

Although, since it is not always practical to have stones encircle the entire ring, sometimes the stones only cover the top portion of an eternity ring.

These are called half eternity bands. Platinum Eternity Rings. Platinum is a fantastic metal for eternity rings due to its natural white color. This looks equally stunning when set against diamonds or colored gemstones. The deep colors of Ruby and Sapphire look just as good as softer colors like Peridot and Blue Topaz on platinum eternity rings. Rose Gold Eternity Rings.

Rose gold eternity rings are very popular with ladies on account of their lovely, feminine, rose-pink hue. This colored gold is beautiful to contrast Diamondsfor example, or to compliment similarly-colored stones like Morganite, Pink Sapphireor Pink Tourmaline. White Gold Eternity Rings. White gold eternity rings may need how to build a ecommerce website dreamweaver re-plating, which platinum rings do not, but it looks just as beautiful when paired with diamonds or colored stones.

Eternity rings are said to have originated in ancient Egypt circa BCE. Although rings were not given to mark special occasions, Egyptian men would give their wives rings to symbolize how to do a naruto jutsu love and commitment.

It is said that many of these rings were fashioned in the shape of a snake eating its own tail — a rimg that is sometimes still used to represent eternity. But, over the years, these rings came to feature a continuous circle of precious gemstones instead of the snake. There are those who say that eternity rings should be given as 60th anniversary gifts, but this theory is becoming less and less popular.

Some still believe that these rings should be given as whaat anniversary gifts, but many men choose the first anniversary to give their wives eternity rings. Some couples even give eternity rings before rign engaged. In fact, they complement wedding and engagement rings beautifully. At Diamondere, this is exactly what you can do. Whether you find the ultimate ring in our catalog, customize it yourself using countless options on our website, or have our team create ehernity unique design for you, you are sure to end up with an eternity ring that perfectly represents your undying love for your partner.

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More Posts from this Category. Facebook Instagram Pinterest. What Is an Eternity Ring? Popular Eternity Band Metals. Platinum Eternity Rings Platinum is a fantastic metal for eternity rings due to its natural white color. Rose Gold Eternity Rings Rose gold eternity rings are very popular with ladies on account of their lovely, feminine, rose-pink hue.

Where Did Eternity Rings Originate? How to Wear an Eternity Ring. About Latest Posts. Anish Godha Co-founder what kind of sunglasses does dog chapman wear Diamondere.

Having been raised in a family of jewelers, my exposure to gemstones and fine jewelry craftsmanship began at a very young age. After obtaining my engineering degree from Stanford, I realized that combining Computer Aided Design and 3D printing with our rich legacy could create a unique platform where people can effortlessly customize fine jewelry. This has been my endeavor ever since!


Jun 08,  · An eternity ring is the ultimate romantic gesture An eternity ring is usually worn by women (but sometimes men) and signifies a couple's ongoing love . An eternity ring is a traditional anniversary gift, often given on the first anniversary as a reminder that the love expressed on the wedding day is everlasting and as a celebration of the time a couple has spent together in marriage. An eternity ring is a ring with diamonds or gemstones all around the band. A circle symbolises eternity. Diamonds or gemstones represent love. Therefore, the meaning of eternity rings is everlasting love. What occasions are eternity rings for? Eternity rings are usually given at .

We often have affiliate partnerships, and may generate some revenue from these links at no cost to you. Eternity rings have become a jewelry staple, worn to commemorate special occasions and symbolic of everlasting love. Typically worn by women, but sometimes by men, eternity rings come in a range of designs, styles and prices. In this ultimate guide, we go over every aspect of an eternity band to help you make your purchase.

An eternity ring is a metal band with no beginning or end. These rings are often used as wedding bands but also have other functions discussed below. The quintessential eternity ring.

See this here See this here. Eternity rings are typically encircled with diamonds, but other gemstones can also be used. There are a variety of designs when it comes to eternity rings, whether highly embellished or very simple.

The main difference between these two types of rings is that an eternity ring can be a type of wedding ring but not all wedding rings are eternity rings. The concept of giving a ring as a symbol of commitment to a loved one dates back to ancient Egyptian times, to about B. The Egyptians believed that the ring symbolized eternity with the space in the middle signifying a passage into the future. Diamond engagement ring and eternity ring. While most retailers will shy away from saying this, the diamond eternity ring is a creation of the famous de Beers diamond corporation.

In the case of eternity rings, the idea was to create a market for smaller diamonds aimed at married and older women. Whatever your feelings about de Beers, you have to hand it to them. They knew how to pull of a killer marketing campaign! The campaign was successful and diamond eternity rings have since become a jewelry staple. Eternity bands are highly meaningful. See this half eternity ring on Etsy. The eternity band is highly symbolic, and this is part of its endless appeal.

The circle is a very common symbol and is universally acknowledged. As I mentioned above, the circular shape of the ring symbolizes eternity, but it also represents equality, completion, perfection and everlasting love.

Diamonds on their own symbolise love, fidelity, strength, purity, trust and truth. While eternity rings were initially aimed at an older demographic, this is no longer the case. Since the s, eternity rings have become a fashion go-to and a favorite among couples of all ages. Eternity bands are commonly used as wedding rings and are given by the groom to the bride at the alter. They are also a popular wedding anniversary gift and can be given on any chosen wedding anniversary.

In this day and age of fashion freedom, there are no hard and fast rules to abide by. Some couples choose an eternity ring as their engagement ring. For those who choose an eternity ring as a wedding ring, strictly speaking, it would make sense to wear the ring on their ring finger of the left hand.

This is known as the wedding ring finger. However, if your eternity ring is an anniversary gift, a new mom gift or worn to commemorate some other occasion, you can wear the ring on any finger you feel comfortable. Again, there are no rules about this so go with what feels right to you.

Like all diamond jewelry, eternity rings are a valuable purchase and need to be chosen wisely. When determining the quality of the ring, you need to focus on the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. This includes the diamonds and the metal used. This would simply be too costly to do. We encourage you to read that for comprehensive information. There are two main categories into which all eternity rings fall — the full eternity and the half eternity. The full eternity refers to a ring where the stones encircles the entire circumference of the ring like this one.

The half eternity only has stones encircling half the circumference like this design. Full eternity rings can be more expensive than half eternity as they have more diamonds and require more work. Read our article comparing the pros and cons of half vs. The next thing to consider is the type of eternity ring setting. There are four main types:. Classic prong set eternity ring.

See it here. Prong setting, also called claw setting, is the most common type of eternity ring setting. It features prongs that hold the diamonds securely in place. These prongs can be seen from the sides and the top view of the ring. See this ring here. With this type of setting, the diamonds are set into a groove or channel in the metal.

The diamonds often sit flush against the metal or just under and are placed side by side with no metal separating them. The benefit of the channel setting is that it can be safer than a prong setting and creates a smooth, continuous line of diamonds that go around the band. A micropave eternity ring. Pave ring settings contain diamonds that are set close together on the metal like pavement stones, hence the word pave. Pave eternity ring settings are highly brilliant and have more sparkle because of the higher number of diamonds used.

Cut down micropave eternity ring setting. See it on Etsy. With this type of setting, the diamonds are placed in a cut in the metal that holds the stones securely. There is no visible metal prongs or grooves to keep them in their place, allowing more exposure of the stone to light, thereby increasing the light performance of the diamonds.

While we tend to think of diamonds when we think of eternity rings, there are many other ways to sport an eternity ring. Here are some:. A turquoise and CZ eternity ring. Rubies, sapphires and moissanites make for stunning and unique eternity rings.

But if you want to get even more creative, we suggest looking towards semi-precious gemstones like turquoise, aquamarine, opal or amethyst. Gorgeous vintage ring design. A vintage eternity ring is a nod to the past and gives an elegant, sophisticated and classic look. There are many eras of the past to choose from, with each having its own distinct style.

A curved eternity ring by Monique Lhuillier. The curve in the ring is so that it can accommodate the shape of the other ring.

Curved eternity rings are comfortable and work well with other jewelry. Most diamond eternity rings are set in either platinum or gold. This is because these metals are not only prestigious and precious, but are also durable, valuable and aesthetically pleasing. Setting diamonds in sterling silver or alternative metals like titanium , stainless steel or tungsten would devalue the diamonds themselves. After all, a diamond eternity ring is meant to be a prestigious piece of jewelry.

See these rings here. Platinum is a durable and rare metal and is a great choice if you plan to wear your ring on a daily basis. However, this is not to say that platinum is indestructible. It can get scratched and often develops a patina over time. Gold comes in two main purity levels 14k and 18k and three main colors — white, yellow and rose. Yellow gold is the traditional color for gold and has a vintage, chic look.

Yellow gold paired with diamonds is a beautiful look and will never go out of style. This is because rose gold has only recently surged in popularity as a bridal ring metal.

And finally, white gold is similar to platinum but is less expensive. White gold gets its highly reflective exterior via rhodium plating which can wear off after a while and may require replating. Needless to say, round diamonds are the most common type of stone chosen for eternity bands.

But other shapes are sometimes chosen, making for unique and intriguing designs. For example, a princess cut eternity band tessellates together, creating an endless road of smooth diamond, especially when in a channel setting.

Baguette cut diamonds are also a stunning choice for an eternity band, with the smooth, large step cuts exhibiting eye-catching light performance.

Some other beautiful diamond shapes for eternity rings are Asscher , radiant , emerald and cushion. There are less expensive options for diamond eternity rings.

One of the best alternatives is to opt for a moissanite eternity ring. Diamond or moissanite - Can you tell the difference? Check if you were right here.

Moissanite is a rare stone that has to be lab-created as natural supplies are extremely limited. These stones have a great back story and have most of the qualities that make diamonds desirable.

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