What are the current statistics for hiv and aids

what are the current statistics for hiv and aids

Global AIDS Update 2020: Fact Sheet

International Statistics. HIV continues to be a serious health issue for parts of the world. Worldwide, there were about million new cases of HIV in About million people were living with HIV around the world in An estimated , people died from AIDS-related illnesses in The fact sheet provides a snapshot of the state of the world’s HIV/AIDS epidemic and presents a high-level summary of the most current data about the global prevalence, transmission, mortality, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. The fact sheet also displays data on HIV and COVID, as well as progress toward “” targets.

Of the estimated Each day inapproximately fir became infected with HIV and approximately children died from AIDS related causes, mostly because of inadequate access to HIV prevention, care and treatment services.

As ofroughly Millions more have been affected by the epidemic, through a heightened risk of poverty, homelessness, school dropout, discrimination and loss of opportunities. These hardships include prolonged illness and death. Of the estimated[,] people who died of AIDS-related illnesses in, [74,] or approximately 16 per cent of them were children tbe 20 years of age.

Inaround[94,] children aged were newly infected with HIV, bringing the total number of children aged living with HIV to 1. Nearly 90 per cent of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa. One bright spot on the global horizon is the rapid decline of approximately 52 per cent in new HIV infections among xre aged since due to stepped-up efforts to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. However, the number of new Dor infections among adolescents aged whxt declined at a slower rate of about fro cent.

An estimated[74,] children and adolescents died from AIDS-related causes in About 70 per cent of these preventable deaths currentt among children under 10 years old.

The number of annual AIDS-related deaths among children has declined by 74 per cent how to massage the levator ani muscles its peak inwhile the number of annual AIDS-related deaths among those aged has only decreased by 6 per cent since Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Southern Africa, remains the region most heavily affected by the epidemic.

Insub-Saharan Africa accounted for approximately 68 per cent of people of all ages living with HIV and 88 per cent of children and adolescents living with HIV worldwide. The spread of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa is mostly through heterosexual relationships, both in the context of transactional and commercial sex and in longer-term relationships, including marriage. Current evidence in southern Africa has identified sexual relationships between adolescent girls or young women and older men as a common HIV transmission route.

In addition, infants born to mothers living with HIV are at risk of becoming infected if sttistics mothers are not on effective treatment. In most what a levels do you need to be a criminologist regions of the world, HIV disproportionately affects persons who inject drugs, men who have sex with men and sex workers. The alds is evolving, however, and transmission patterns are fot throughout the world.

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia, HIV epidemics that were once distinguished largely by transmission among persons who inject drugs are now increasingly characterized by significant sexual transmission. In parts of Asia, HIV is transmitted more and more among heterosexual couples. In Asia as a whole, HIV epidemics have long been concentrated in persons who inject drugs, sex workers and their clients, and men who have sex with men.

Now, Fod infections are steadily spreading into lower-risk populations through transmission to the sexual partners of those most at risk. Annual submissions are reviewed and validated. Data consist of ads data for HIV prevention, testing and treatment. Other indicators require data from population-based surveys and surveys focused on key populations at risk of HIV infection. For more information, click here. All available data on HIV estimates are available at aidsinfo. Global and regional trends July All topics.

While there has been promising progress in the HIV response, children continue to be affected by the epidemic. Global trends Inaround[94,] children aged were newly infected with HIV, bringing the total number of children aged living with HIV to 1. Geographic disparity Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Southern Africa, remains the region most heavily affected by the epidemic.

Read more. Query data. Demographic change and HIV epidemic projections to for adolescents and young people currebt HIV estimates for children dashboard. Women: At the heart of the HIV response for children.

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Fast Facts

Of the estimated million [confidence bounds: million] people living with HIV worldwide in , million [ million] were children aged Nov 30,  · HIV continues to be a major global public health issue, having claimed almost 33 million lives so far. Sep 10,  · AmFAR’s statistics are from , its most recent fully-compiled data. It shows that in , worldwide: million people were living with HIV. .

In and , doctors in Los Angeles and New York were suddenly reporting rare types of pneumonia, cancer and other illnesses. The patients were all men who had sex with other men. This then-mysterious disease confounded health professionals and devastated the gay community. In , scientists named the constellation of diseases it led to acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS.

A year later, they uncovered its cause, the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. Today, AIDS is fairly well controlled -- in developed countries anyway. But the virus, which actually has been infecting humans since at least , and perhaps since the late s, according to the AIDS Institute, is still very much around.

AmFAR's statistics are from , its most recent fully-compiled data. It shows that in , worldwide:. Since the beginning of the pandemic in , However, amfAR notes that this pace is "far too slow" to reach the United Nations' Fast-Track Target of fewer than , new infections per year by And in about 50 countries, new HIV infections are actually increasing. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation report published January , "Sub-Saharan Africa, with more than two-thirds of all people living with HIV globally, is the hardest hit region in the world, followed by Central Asia and the Pacific.

AmFAR estimates that, as of , 1. Determining the number of people infected who are not aware of their infection follows an established methodology: The Centers for Disease Control, which supplied these figures, estimates total HIV prevalence the number of people with diagnosed or undiagnosed HIV infection by subtracting reported cumulative deaths from cumulative infections.

It estimates the number of persons with undiagnosed HIV infection by subtracting the number of persons living with diagnosed infection from the total prevalence. The stats also reveal that certain areas and populations are more at risk than others. More than half of the new HIV diagnoses in the U. Georgia The stark findings are nevertheless an improvement. Gay and bisexual men -- especially African American men -- continue to be most at risk. But the numbers have improved, thanks to education and prevention efforts.

According to HIV. According to amfAR, gay men and other men who have sex with men have a times higher risk of HIV acquisition than heterosexual men. Transgender women and female sex workers are also at higher risk. Transgender people are 49 times more at risk of living with HIV compared to the general population, according to Avert, a UK-based charity that has been providing information about HIV and sexual health worldwide for over 30 years.

AmFAR reports that Unfortunately, that's also too slow to meet the United Nations' target of fewer than , AIDS-related deaths. For those who receive an early diagnosis and are able to be treated, however, the news is mostly good. A year-old who started antiretroviral therapy, also known as ART, between and has a life expectancy of 78 years -- nearly as long as those in the general population.

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