Kundalini yoga what is it

kundalini yoga what is it

Kundalini yoga

Jul 16,  · Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses. Its purpose is to activate your Kundalini energy, or shakti. This is a . Jan 03,  · Kundalini yoga is a blend of Bhakti yoga (the yogic practice of devotion and chanting), Raja yoga (the practice of mediation/mental and physical control) and Shakti yoga, (for the expression of power and energy).

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient art and science dealing with the transformation and expansion of consciousness, the awakening and raising of Kundalini Energy up the spine through energy centers called Chakras. The activation and balancing of the chakras is accomplished by the mixing and uniting of Prana cosmic energy with Apana eliminating energy which generates pressure to force Kundalini to rise, by means of Pranayama breathing exercisesBhandas body locksin Kriyas exercise setsusing Asanas posturesMudras gesturesand Mantras sacred sounds.

Kundalini Yoga sets also use Visualization, Projection and Focused Attention to attain specific effects. An incredibly kuncalini storehouse of psychic energy, sometimes called Shakti, symbolized as a coiled, sleeping serpent, lies dormant at the base of the spine Kundal means curl. Once awakened it uncoils and ascends through the central channel in the spinal column Sushumana to the Crown Chakra Sahasrara at the top of the head, triggering an awakening of consciousness and a transcendent spiritual state.

Prana is the basic life force in the air we breathe and the food we eat, and the practice how to cook a prime rib roast at 500 degrees Kundalini Yoga enhances its abrorption. Apana is the energy or power to eliminate or give back. When the forces of both prana and apana are strong enough to unite and create tappa or heat at the navel center, the heat generated descends to the first chakra and awakens the Kundalini.

A series of one or more exercises or postures in combination with pranayama, locks, chanting, visualization, projection, etc. Kundalini Yoga kriyas are centuries old. The total effect of a kriya is greater than the sum of its parts. Poses or postures designed to stimulate glands, organs or body awareness, and to quiet the toga for meditation.

Asanas often apply pressure on nerves or accupressure points, reflexing to the brain and body for certain effects. A gesture or position, usually of the hands, that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the fingers and hands, we can talk to the body and mind, as each area of the hand reflexes to a certain part of the mind or body. Body locks or muscular contractions applied for the retention and channeling of energy prana, apana and Kundalini.

Centers of exchange between the physical and non-physical energetic dimensions of our being. Like transformers, they change subtle prana into physical energy flowing through a system of 'nadis' psychic channels and the meridian system.

Chakras are qhat vortexes perceived as spinning discs of light 'chakra' means wheel situated along the spine. Mantra is "The Yoga of the Mind". Breathing techniques to channel and direct the flow of prana and alter consciousness. The stilling of the rational, reasoning, dualistic egotistical mind to allow iss neutral mind to focus awareness on yota reality beyond intellectual concepts, what do hard disks do on outer reality beyond physical, earthly objects.

Meditation uses many techniques to achieve this purpose, and produces a calm, sensitiveless emotional, alert, intuitive, effective, efficient and self-controlled personality, and an enhanced sense of being and consciousness.

Consistent meditation promotes inner peace, happiness and life in higher kundwlini. We may be asked to gaze at the nose, focus on the spine, a chakra, the breath, a mantra, physical functions or on something outside of the body.

Focus gives us the ability to hold several things in the mind at once and to concentrate and contain our energy for creation, health, and healing. For any questions, comments or suggestions of a technical nature, please contact Webmaster. We would especially appreciate reports of any problems you may experience while accessing this site. All our products have been approved by Guru Rattana, Ph. They reflect her own unique perspectives and insights, inspired by a lifetime study of waht teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and of Sikhism and other spiritual disciplines.

This site is updated on a daily basis. All Rights Reserved. Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga is an ancient art and science dealing with the transformation and expansion of consciousness, the awakening and raising of Kundalini Energy up the spine through energy centers called Chakras.

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Kundalini Yoga is a yoga for householders, for people who have to cope with the daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses. It is a path for everyone who wants the skills to cope successfully with the challenges of our times. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient art and science dealing with the transformation and expansion of consciousness, the awakening and raising of Kundalini Energy up .

Ok, maybe Pert shampoo and conditioner. Maybe Simon and Garfunkel. In yoga, Kundalini is the exception. The purpose of Kundalini yoga is to provide a modality by which people can achieve their maximum creative potential, free themselves from Karma the lasting effects of past actions and realize their life purpose.

Experiencing a Kundalini awakening is like being given the secret code to always winning a blue ribbon, along with a get-out-of-jail-free card, at which point you gleefully fire your life coach because now you know more than he does. To understand how Kundalini works you first have to understand that you have a snake in your spine.

The practice of Kundalini yoga is supposed to arouse the sleeping Kundalini Shakti from its coiled base through the six chakras that reside along the spine, and through the seventh chakra, or crown.

Chakras are wheels, or hubs of energy, along which energy or prana, travels like a superhighway to distribute energy throughout the body. Like a snake being charmed out of a basket by a bansuri, Kundalini weaves and coils, waking up energy and clearing stagnancy along the way. Without the fangs. These days Kundalini yoga is a synthesis of many traditions, and the kriyas and meditations in Kundalini Yoga are designed to raise complete body awareness to prepare the body, nervous system, and mind to handle the energy of Kundalini rising.

Many of the physical postures are designed to activate the navel, spine, and focal points of pressurization on meridians energy points. Through breath work pranayama and the application of yogic locks of energy bandhas , the release, direction, and control of the flow of Kundalini energy is achieved.

The technique of alternate nostril breathing left nostril, right nostril which is described as a simple breathing technique, is one of these often-utilized techniques. Especially the one plugged up. This type of breathwork is taught as a way to cleanse the nadis, or subtle channels and pathways, to help awaken Kundalini energy.

A traditional Kundalini yoga class, if photographed from above, would look like a sea of albino ants swarming a hill. Kundalini yoga supports its practitioners wearing all white, so people come to classes in white head coverings, skirts, shirts, and flowing white pants.

Colors have an effect on consciousness. We wanted to develop a very fast, progressive, spiritual, and technical method of all the colors, so we have adopted the one color of the seven colors, which is white.

Born Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, in Kot Harkan, India, to a Sikh medical doctor father, and a Catholic educated Hindu mother, his fairly wealthy family owned much of the property in their village and served as landlords. At that time, and the centuries prior, the practices and techniques of Kundalini yoga were passed down in a very secretive, elitist way from teacher to well-selected student.

The exact origin of Kundalini yoga is unknown, but historical records, referred to as the Upanishads, a sacred Vedic collection of writings dating back to B. The expression of these was developed over time as a body science, now referred to as kriyas or actions. In other types of yogic practices, these may be referred to as asanas. The word Upanishads has a literal translation similar to that of the word asana: sitting down to hear the teachings of the master.

The root of the word asana literally means to sit close to the teacher. Yogi Bhajan was offered a position as a new yoga studies department at the University of Toronto in Canada where he emigrated in But of course, being the spiritual skeptic that I am, I showed up wearing black yoga pants, a gray tank top, and a black leather motorcycle jacket.

In fact, I felt welcomed by my fellow teacher trainees and facilitators. A number of years later, when I brought my boyfriend at the time to a Spring Equinox Kundalini class I forgot to tell him about the white clothing requirement. So, of course, he showed up in a bright electric green shirt, looking like a yoga skittle in a sea of white.

Unlike the dress code at the Four Seasons in New York, no one said anything, patronizing or otherwise, that may have suggested that what he was wearing was at all not on par. If rebels have the utmost discipline, then perhaps that description fits Yogi Bhajan.

After having a spiritual vision in his travels to Los Angeles, he knew clearly that what the western world needed was Kundalini yoga. Most of us take better care of our vehicles than we do our minds. No doubt, your first Kundalini Yoga class could be a very weird experience.

The blocks to that growth are your attachments to the familiarity of the past, and your fear of the expanded Self. As you practice Kundalini Yoga you will grow. Like a snake, you will need to shed old skins to be more of who you are. What do I do if my kundalini energy is waking up? Kundalini energy is divine feminine energy that awakens the awareness that exists in all of us. When that happens, we can become who we are meant to be and wake up to our destiny. The soul has taken a body and come here for a reason, and if you are not living out that purpose, kundalini can show up as disruptive so you can change course.

Our unique blend of yoga, meditation, personal transformation, and alternative healing content is designed for those seeking to not just enhance their physical, spiritual, and intellectual capabilities, but to fuse them in the knowledge that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

What Is Kundalini Yoga? By Lisa Fierer. January 3, Yoga , Style , Kundalini. On Wearing White in Kundalini Class A traditional Kundalini yoga class, if photographed from above, would look like a sea of albino ants swarming a hill.

Kundalini Kriyas Practices From a seated position, extend arms overhead and shake your arms, your entire upper body, your head. Like animals in the wild, this type of shaking is how fear, anxiety, and other emotions are moved through and out of the body. When we have a healthy spine, we have a healthy mind. Shoulder Stand, when done properly, the yogic masters say that 15 minutes of shoulder stand equals 2 hours of sleep. Seated in Rock Pose shins tucked underneath , bring hands to shoulders, elbows out wide and with a tall spine, inhale and turn spine to the left, exhale and turn spine to the right.

This is a great one to do every single day. Deep Squats, with hands at heart you can rollover the yoga mat to slide under your heels if needed , spine long, bend your knees to drop your bottom towards the ground. Keep your head upright and inhale as you lower down, exhale to come up.

Spinal Flexion, from a seated cross-legged position, this is the way your spine would move if you were riding a camel. For maximum health of your spine. This helps open your diaphragm, chest, and shoulders as well. Imagine you have a very bumpy ride. Or an uncoordinated camel.

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