How to train a barrel racing horse

how to train a barrel racing horse

Horse Jockeys: How Big Are They & Their Fight to Make Weight

Hailey Kinsel is a three-time world champion (, , and WPRA World Barrel Racing Championship) with ample experience training her own horses to be the best. Lisa Lockhart is a two-time NFR Average Champion with the second-highest number of qualifications to the NFR(13). Clinics are for men, women, girls, boys, beginners to advanced and all types of barrel horses. Lots of horsemanship and back to basics work, with a final run for a Martha Josey/Circle Y Ultimate Saddle with a Shea Michelle belt buckle. Perfect for the beginner and just right for the experienced barrel racer needing a tune-up or bit selection for that new horse.

Everything you need to sharpen your skills is right here, in a convenient online format. Communicate with pro racers in our personalized coaching program, and get your questions answered. Dive into our ever-growing vault of video content and glean expert advice and inspiration! Visualize solutions to challenges, and boost your confidence with our professionally-filmed video collection. Let the pros coach you to success. Gain insight and answers from Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart, world-renowned barrel racing champions.

Tune in to 20 new videos posted every month, including pro tips and livestreams from Hailey and Lisa. A small portion of our videos will be available to you as well, but they are ad-supported. Pro Membership accounts include everything in free membership, plus so much more. They will respond personally each week to answer your questions and provide pointers and tips.

How to make roman shades youtube addition, Pro Membership includes access to our entire video library.

Watch all videos ad free, and enjoy 20 new videos each month. Join as a monthly or yearly pro member, and feel free to cancel at any time. We value your membership highly! Your subscription fee allows us to continue filming and producing new high quality content for the barrel racing community.

Learn how to overcome challenges, such as unsafe ground conditions and working a horse that is stiffer on one side. Discover how to start colts on the pattern, or hone your skills with a seasoned horse. Got questions? Just ask our how to train a barrel racing horse. What to visit in vienna in december Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart receive and answer messages and videos from pro members each week.

You can join the online coaching program instantly by subscribing to either yearly or monthly pro membership. This program includes weekly, personalized communication with Hailey Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart, our resident pros.

Send them your videos and questions, and they will use their expertise to help you train your colt, overcome challenges, or become a better racer.

She also has two of the top four fastest NFR Average how to recover router password ever recorded. Included in these new offerings are videos and livestreams from Hailey and Lisa. Members perks include exclusive interviews, instructional videos, practice footage, our online coaching program, and more. Dig into one of the largest barrel racing video vaults on the internet! If you have a barrel racing question, we have the answer here.

Submit your videos and questions to our pros. Haley Kinsel and Lisa Lockhart, world famous barrel racers, will answer you personally each week.

See how to practice and race like the pros, in up-close-and-personal HD quality. Our online library includes everything from tutorials to barrel horse health. Find exclusive pro tips, interviews, and techniques for handling every challenge you might face. Our library is constantly growing! Check out some of our most popular barrel racing videos below.

Lisa Lockhart Discusses Mental Game. Want to be a better barrel racer? X Factor has what you need to become the best - all in one place. Become a Pro Member. Learn From The Pros. Membership FAQs. High Quality Barrel Racing Videos. Online Coaching Program. Exclusive Footage. Videos for Every Need. Live Video Events.

Pro Coaching Program

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