How to paint candy apple red

how to paint candy apple red

How much does it cost to paint a car candy apple red?

Mar 17,  · Check Out My Latest Video Here: "Using Bed Liner For Undercoating On Inner Fender Wheel Wells - T-Rex Truck Bedliner On OBS Silverado" Candy apple red is a popular color for car companies to manufacture automobiles in because "candy apple red" colored automobiles sell quickly. This is usually highly reflective silver paint, but the color effect can be modified by using metallic gold or other tinted metallic paint.

The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Joined: Nov 11, Posts: 25, Profile Page. It's a fiberglass seat from an alsport trike. Probably going to flex and vibrate bit.

So what's your step by step recipe. Last edited: Nov 3, Joined: May 23, Posts: 1, Profile Page. I always liked a metalic gold base.

I think it gives it a deeper tone. The silver metalic base always seems too bright. Here's a car I had in 73 that was gold base. Had some chocolate brown on the kick panels. Joined: Apr 2, Posts: 16, Profile Page. Joined: Jun 11, Posts: Profile Page. Bailon used Gold base and then sprayed red toner over the top of it. I grew up in Hayward. TomWarNov 3, Joined: Nov 26, Posts: 1, Profile Page.

Gil Ayala also used a gold base. Joined: Jan 23, Posts: 7, Profile Page. A gold base is best, but some also use an orange base. Gold is what I've heard Metalic gold? Or some mica? Red candy? Followed by regular clear? Joined: Nov 14, Posts: 68 Profile Page. I was talkin with a guy at the Syracuse Nats this summer that had how to program my panasonic tv remote Bitchin Willys gasser, and he said he used a green base coat!?!

When Bailon first made it, there was no Flake, or red tinted clearcoat. You have lots of options today that weren't available in the 50's.

Ok, so what's the options, And what's wrong with doing it like they did back then, the concept. Modern material. Joined: Oct 31, Posts: 3, Profile Page. Joined: Dec 16, Posts: 2, Profile Page. Of course it needs to be jazzed up a bit with a light flake job.

Thanks guys. Joined: Jul 28, Posts: 6, Profile Page. I was told that Darrell Starbird used a gold that looks like yellow curb paint under his candy colors.

Joined: Dec 30, Posts: how to paint candy apple red, Profile Page. I had a HOK factory rep tell me to try pink with a pearl under Candy red. I tried it on a Harley and it did look great, made the red really pop. Personally though I still like it over a gold base, it's not as loud, in your face bright red but just rich and classy. Joined: May 14, Posts: 20 Profile Page.

To get a real candy red it shoud be over gold base heavy or fine metalic flakes its up to you, you can also try it with a little bit of silver in it for something different try putting some different base colors on a test piece of metal then put the candy red over them all then pick what you like just remember how many coats of candy paint goes on it changes how light or dark it comes out.

Joined: Oct 22, Posts: 5, Profile Page. Gold base for a "warmer" tone of red, while silver or shite pearl gives a brighter, purer red color. Darker metallics for darker colors, so you dont' have to put as many coats of red on it to get it dark.

Do test panels. There are so many color tones and variations, it will driv eyou crazy! I've found in most cases, the base just provided the metallic-ness and the shade of the final color. Changing the actual color of the base didn't really change the final outcome color very much, more effect on the shade than the color, though lighter colors can be affected by the base colors of course!

Joined: Mar 3, Posts: 1, Profile Page. Before I did this, I did get opinions from others as to which base to use. Most told me to use gold but, for some reason, I could not mentally see gold under red so I painted it in a silver base with the candy over it. It ended up looking good but, not what I wanted so, I ended up doing it over with a gold base and am much happier. Then cleared it. Looks like what I wanted in the first place. Last edited: Nov 4, Now is this basically the same as the OEM tri-coat coats on the new cars.

Base, intermediate tinted clear, top coat clear. And if I wanted to add flake it would be in the intermediate coat or in the first coat of top coat clear? You don't really want the flake too much closer than the surface. It will be a different color and look like dirt, or dust. If I want to put extra flake in the job, I always put it into the first coat of candy. What is the life expectancy of an african grey parrot way it gets colored by the subsequent coats.

The difference between OEM and custom tricoat, is that OEM uses a base that is the same color as the candy color, so it is easier to cover, and not get get streaking and blotching. You still have to be dilligent in your spray technique, but it MUCH more critical with custom paint using a different color base.

OEM colors also use the same color pearl as the basecoat, so the "flake" is not nearly as prominent as with a custom metallic basecoat.

But that is why custom paint also looks so much what to do around times square nyc. Joined: Sep 25, Posts: Profile Page. Painting Candy Apple Red over any base will change the "tone" of the red according to the base. If you use a Gold base it will be a deeper red. If you use a Silver base it will be brighter red.

Using a Green base will make it look more like how to refresh datagrid in vb net real Candy Apple. If you use a dark base like a tan or a brown it will make the candy red look almost purple. As for the flexing if you get some Adhesion Promoter it will help a lot, but I think there is an additive that you can put into the paints to make them stay flexible but still get hard like it should.

I'm going to do my dash this winter in boat flake big stuffwhat are cones and flowers what I'm thinking upgrading from a rattle can painter is laying down a clear coat, waiting for it to get tacky, then blowing on dry gold flake and making sure it lays flat before covering it all in candy red, which is mostly clear, then a UV clear on top of that.

The difference how to paint candy apple red modern tri-coats, was that one layer of candy doesn't look good, and you have to keep adding layers until it gets to the shade you like. Depending how dense your flake is layed on, you may not see behind it, so you wouldn't need a base coat. Probably what would work on your seat. There's a lot of youtube videos on candy and flake painting.

Picked up PPG vibrance collection. Uses deltron based product line. So that's not much at all. Topcoat with clear of my choice. Guy at the paint store said "its all experimentation, but he would put the flake down after the candy or mid coat and then clear it for gold flakes" does that sound right? This should be fun, hope it comes out ok. Got a couple test panels to try it on but they are flat.

The seat doesn't have many flat surfaces. Joined: Nov 28, Posts: Profile Page. Heres what i did. That's beautiful Cain. Want to share the details? Joined: Jul 16, Posts: 4, Profile Page.

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Jul 20,  · I will inform you of the three ways of painting candy colors that I experienced. 1: Paint silver metallic on the base color and paint candy color on it. 2.

Click to see full answer. Furthermore, how much does it cost to paint a candy apple red truck? Beside above, how much does it cost for a good paint job on a car?

Standard: The cost of a standard paint job usually includes sanding the body and removing rust before painting to get an attractive finish. Also, remember candy can be tricky to spray. If the gun isn't adjusted properly and doesn't atomize correctly, the color can look blotchy or mottled. Additionally, a percent overlap is critical so the paint doesn't streak. Asked by: Baye Julliard asked in category: General Last Updated: 10th April, How much does it cost to paint a car candy apple red?

How much is a gallon of candy apple red paint? How long does candy paint last? What is candy apple red paint? Candy apple red is a popular color for car companies to manufacture automobiles in because "candy apple red" colored automobiles sell quickly.

This is usually highly reflective silver paint, but the color effect can be modified by using metallic gold or other tinted metallic paint.

What color is candy paint? Candy paint is a tinted transparent coating that is usually applied over a highly reflective gold or silver base coat and then overcoated with clear.

It is important to note that virtually all pre-made candys are lacquer, and as such need to be applied over and under similar lacquer surfaces.

How much is a pearlescent paint job? Can I paint my own car? Painting your car and painting a wall in your house are far from the same thing. One requires a few paint rollers, and a can of paint while the other involves a litany of products, clear coats, primers, and sprayers. That's why professional auto paint jobs can't get so pricey. What colors go with candy apple red?

Candy apple red cage lights add a subtle a pop of color in a large great room with a primary color palette of neutrals: white, black, gray and unassuming wood tones. What colors make apple red? Some are yellow, pink, or green. Red apples get their color from anthocyanins. These are pigments, or natural colorings, that develop as the apple grows.

We also find these pigments in cranberries, raspberries, cherries, cabbage, and other red or purple foods. How can I paint my car at home? Steps to Painting a Car Get the proper supplies and prepare your workspace. Be aware of rust spots and take proper steps to fix. Determine the type of paint you are going to use. Sand your vehicle. Wipe vehicle down with thinners to remove dust and particles. Practice your paint spraying technique.

Prime the vehicle. Who invented candy apple red paint? Joe Bailon. How many gallons does it take to paint a car? Painting a large truck or vehicle would take a professional about six to seven quarts of paint. If you are inexperienced, two or three coats of paint on a car would require about two gallons. If you are painting your vehicle the same color, 2 gallons should work. Is it better to spray or roll paint exterior? Can you plant eggplant deep like tomatoes? Co-authors

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