How to make iphone tv remote

how to make iphone tv remote

3 Simple Ways How to Turn iPhone into TV Remote

Step 6 Your Apple TV remote control will be launch. Make sure your iPhone is on the same Wi-fi network as your Apple TV. 2. IPHONE AS REMOTE CONTROLLER FOR ANDROID TV. Here are the steps on how to use your iPhone as a remote controller for Android TV. Jan 15,  · Tap the Apple TV Remote. Tap your Apple TV or smart TV from the list. When asked, follow the onscreen instructions to enter a four-digit passcode into your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The Apple TV Remote in Control Center works only with Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, Apple TV (3rd generation), and AirPlay 2-compatible smart TVs.

Have you always have that problem of losing your TV remote controller when you need it? It is somewhere in your living room, but you could not find it after an intensive search. With the TV nowadays have become smarter and more connected to the internet, losing your TV remote control would someday be the thing of the past. This is because you can now use your iPhone as a TV remote controller.

With certain apps and also settings, you can use your iPhone to change channels easily, increase volume and much more for your Smart TV.

Step 5 In your home screen, swipe up to open the Control Centre. Tap the Apple TV icon there. Step 6 Your Apple TV remote control will be launch.

Step 2 Search for Android TV app and download it. It is free of charge. After the download, tap the Android TV icon. Here are the apps that you can download from the how to unlock a nokia lumia store for four major Smart TV brands for the market currently. Search and download the Sonymote app. However, you can save all the trouble of using your iPhone as remote when you can purchase the original Apple TV Siri Remote here.

This is an affiliate link. I may get a small commission if you purchase the item using this text and image link as shown here. So, there you have it, three simple how to make a childrens sheep costume how you can transform your iPhone into an effective TV remote controller and never have to worry about losing your remote controller ever again.

Please leave us a comment below on how often you lose your TV remote controller. Please also read our previous article on how to watch TV on iPhone or iPad.

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More iPhone Tips and Apps

IR blaster. If your phone has an IR blaster, download a TV-remote app like AnyMote Smart IR Remote. Not only can it control your TV, but also any device that receives an IR signal—set-top boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players, stereo equipment and even some air-conditioning systems. 2.

The iPhone can be a powerful gadget. Oh yeah. A lot of people use the iPhone as a remote for their television through Wi-Fi. You can use your smartphone to control your smart TV from anywhere in the Wi-Fi range.

And with Apple TV, you can actually view all the content right from your iPhone and set the ball rolling. The best thing about it is you can use Siri shortcuts to perform specific actions using your voice. Price: Free Download. A ton of Panasonic television sets can be controlled using this app.

The interface is clean and feels familiar right from the word go. Among several impressive features, the one that I have found a very user-friendly is the option to transfer pics from your iOS device to the TV or vice-versa. This is the go-to app if you own an Amazon Fire TV.

It provides an easy and efficient way to control your TV using a combination of touchpad and voice controls. Moreover, this remote app shows all your Fire TV apps in a single list so that you can quickly launch them.

You can also seamlessly jump between multiple Fire TV devices. For controlling your Android TV right from your iPhone, this remote app is up to the task. What makes it a handy tool is the neat Interface and touchpad gestures that make it pretty simple to handle your TV. You can easily enter text with the software keyboard.

Relish multiplayer games? It offers you to connect multiple remotes to your Android TV for a fascinating multiplayer gaming experience. One notable feature of this app is that it allows you to create commands for all of your devices. Hence, controlling them becomes dead simple. You can also set commands to be executed based on the time of the day. For instance, if you enjoy watching comedy flicks in the evening, you will be able to set the app for it. The free version of the app comes with ads.

With the support for as many as 6, brands and more than , devices, this remote app has you fully covered. However, there are a couple of things that I would want to see in this app: the intuitive interface and a bit more consistent performance. This is yet another universal remote control app that I have included in this lineup. Talking about the UI, it seems to be on point.

It makes it quite simple to adjust volume and switch channels. There is also a navigation pad to let you control the TV with ease. Remotie is a nice-looking and straightforward remote that features a keyboard and touchpad for your smart TV. The app is fully functional with basic controls like switching channels, changing volume, controlling playback, insert text, control games, etc. The keyboard and touchpad are paid; however, they are meant to enhance the user experience of the app. Got a Panasonic TV?

This one ensures a seamless remote control experience. However, it also promises to work with other branded smart televisions. It appears simple in design so that you can easily interact with controls and direct your TV as needed. Now that you have glanced through top remote control apps for iOS, let me know about the ones that seem ideal for your requirements.

And also tell us about the features you want to see in every such app. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Apps iPhone. Remote TV Control for Samsung. Author Dhvanesh. The founder of iGeeksBlog, Dhvanesh, is an Apple aficionado, who cannot stand even a slight innuendo about Apple products. He dons the cap of editor-in-chief to make sure that articles match the quality standard before they are published.

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