How to make a mini basketball hoop

how to make a mini basketball hoop

Mini Basketball

For this project, you will need: /8" ID, 3" OD, 3/16" - silicone o-ring red-orange color #21 white nylon string print out of backboard on "x11" paper (see attachment) print out of hoop mount support (see attachment) cardboard 7 7/8" x 5 1/8" for backboard cardboard " . Jun 15,  · tried my best:))

Sometimes we don't need a professional basketball stadium to enjoy the game, all we need is a mini basketball hoop to practice throwing a few mini ball!

These hoops are extremely easy to make and can be made for next to nothing. Let's take a look at how you can assemble a few items and get your own in what is an indd file extension time flat. A mini basketball hoop is essentially a backboard and a small hoop attached together with some mechanism of either hanging it or affixing it to a surface. Most often, you've seen these attached to the back of doors.

They are a fun way to enjoy a little relaxation while studying or relaxing at home. First, let's find a backboard. Do you have a piece of old plywood lying around? Maybe a sturdy piece of square plexiglass or plastic?

You are looking for something sturdy enough to hold the hoop, but not too big to be too heavy to hold. A good size to aim for is something that is inches by inches square.

Even heavy-duty cardboard can be used as the backboard. You want something that is sturdy enough to have some weight on it and won't crinkle or crumble. Now, let's find something to use for the hoop. This can be a bit trickier to find, but not impossible. Check with a local hardware or grocery store first to see if they have any large metal rings, about 12" in diameter, that they may be throwing away. If you can't find any there, take a look around the garage or the house.

You can fashion your own out of a piece of very sturdy wire, but the trick is making it circular. You can use a jug or other cylindrical container as an outline and clamp the heavy-gauge wire around it and let it set for about 3 days to how to make a mini basketball hoop shape. If you don't want to fool with wire, you can also look into building the hoop out of plastic.

A large flower pot that is made of plastic that is what is a phase 1 trial longer usable may be the perfect candidate. By using a saw to cut away the top and the bottom you are left with a circular middle! From one man's trash comes another man's treasure! You'll want to attach whatever hoop you have made to the backboard.

The easiest way to do this is with superglue for plastic and with wire for what is rational team concert used for hoops. Remember, you aren't throwing a regulation ball through these hoops C only smaller, usually foam-based balls, so there is a lot less stress being put on the hoop itself.

Finally, you'll want to mount it. You can attach an over-the-door hanger to the back of it using wire or rope, or you can use screws to mount it to a wall or other object. Now the only thing left to do is get a few balls and take it for a test throw!

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Step 1: Materials

You'll want to attach whatever hoop you have made to the backboard. The easiest way to do this is with superglue for plastic and with wire for wire-based hoops. Remember, you aren't throwing a regulation ball through these hoops C only smaller, usually foam-based balls, so there is a lot less stress being put on the hoop itself. Apr 24,  · So that 2 “C” shape cardboard stick together. 4. Create the Full Circle. Now you have two attached “C” shape cardboard (lengths 60 cm, and wide 2 cm), and an “I” shape cardboard (lengths 17 cm, and wide 2 cm). Now you have to attach them with glue so that it shapes like a “D” (basketball hoop . Feb 19,  · Shape the hoop and attach it to the backboard with hot glue. Bend the strip of cardboard that you scored into a square hoop and fold in the shorter 1 in ( cm) tabs. Attach the short tabs to 52%(23).

I needed a mini basketball hoop to work with a set of robots Wonder Workshop's Dash but I didn't want to spend 5 bucks for a plastic suction cup toy that might not work out for us.

I found a YouTube video online that details how to make one out of recycled parts along with how to tie the string to form the basketball net. Check it out here no affiliation :. I searched around at the hardware store and found an o-ring that might work but it was too small. Searched on Amazon and found these silicone o-rings that work and the color is pretty close to the basketball hoop except you can't use most glues on it :.

Cut 8 pieces of string 45 cm long. Seal the ends of each string with glue or melt the tip quickly. If you don't seal the ends, it'll be difficult to tie the knots as the strings start to unravel. You will be sectioning off the hoop into 8 equal parts so starting at 12 o'clock, fold the string in half and tie a knot onto the hoop, ensuring both string lengths are the same. After this is done, check and make sure all the tied strings are equidistant before sealing the knots with a small dab of super glue.

This ensures they remain tight and don't come undone. Follow the youtube video in the intro to create the diamond pattern about 1 inch down. Grab one string from one tied point, grab the neighboring string from the neighboring point.

Tie the knot at about 1 inch or whatever you choose and make sure both sides are equidistant, forming a triangle. Repeat for all the other 7 knots, checking your knot locations often to ensure they are all at the same length. For the second row, tie neighbor strings together to form a diamond pattern, about 1 inch down as well.

Check knots often to make sure they are again at the same lengths. Do one last row, but this time, tie the neighbor strings at 0. Once you are done, seal the bottom row knots with a dab of super glue on the knot only. Fray the ends a little for decorative purposes if you like. Cut a strip of cardboard 0. Make sure this strip fits in between the glued string points. This will be used to connect the hoop to the hoop mount. Make sure the net is oriented down as if you were throwing the ball into the hoop.

Fold the cardboard around the hoop and push down to make sure the cardboard tightly wraps around the hoop. Adjust the mounting strip so that it is slightly lower than the hoop. The bottom of this strip should be flat, the top of the strip should be indented in a little. This is so that the hoop will sit a little higher when glued to the hoop mount support. Glue the strips together as shown in picture. Take the hoop mount support pattern in the intro and cut the piece out of cardboard. Corrugated works better as it is thicker.

Put the hoop on the edge of the top support as labeled in the pattern. Trace and cut out the arch opening with the X-acto knife. You can score the inside of the cardboard paper don't go all the way through to get a cleaner fold. Glue with your adhesive choice super glue works quite well and dries very quickly.

Once the glue is set, paint the support with a matching color. You can also mix yellow and red with a little patience to get the right tint. Carefully paint the cardboard hoop connector carefully so the paint doesn't get on the net.

If you get it on the hoop, you can wipe it off easily since it is silicone. Paint all around the hoop mount support except for the back square AND the underside of the top mount support piece. That is where the hoop connector will be attached to. You can finish painting the underside and touch up anywhere else after that is glued in place. Use super glue or glue of choice to mount the hoop connector to the underside of the mount support.

Make sure the hoop is centered and touching as tightly as possible to the arch opening. You can use a few dabs of super glue around the arch opening so the o-ring and the nylon string can be glued to the cardboard.

There were 4 contact points for the nylon string on the arch opening and it was sufficient in terms of holding the ring in place on the mount support piece. Center the image and glue the cardboard onto the back of the backboard print out. I held the paper up on a window, then centered the cardboard on the back, making sure the orange edge was evenly spaced on all 4 sides.

Once that is nicely centered, fold and glue the paper edges to the back of the cardboard. Center the hoop onto the "glue" box on the backboard. Glue onto place and hold firmly while the glue sets. I just used super glue. After the glue is dried, reinforce the hoop to the cardboard with staples. Either shoot staple gun staples through or if the cardboard is thin enough, a regular stapler will work. Flip it over and tape over the staples to ensure nobody gets poked.

Lastly, I just secured a paper clip on the back with duct tape. I can always change this later on. The backboard can slide over a box when you want to use it. Now it's ready to be used! Go shoot some mini hoops!!! Reply 4 years ago. Introduction: Mini Basketball Hoop. More by the author:. About: I have fun woodworking and DIYing stuff while spending way more money than the mass produced item would cost. Check it out here no affiliation : I searched around at the hardware store and found an o-ring that might work but it was too small.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. Cameron Macko DIY 3 years ago. Reply Upvote. Swansong 4 years ago. Thank you!!! A little DIY catapult will go nice with this, now that I'm thinking about it :.

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