How to kill a cat at home

how to kill a cat at home

3 Home Remedies to Euthanize a Dog Naturally at Home without a Vet

Answer (1 of 9): Animal euthanasia is the act of putting to death painlessly, an animal which is suffering from an incurable and painful condition. Euthanasia methods are designed to cause minimal pain and distress. It is never advisable or even acceptable to euthanize a cat in your own home. If you have a cat which needs to be put down for any reason, you should take the cat to a trained and. PLEASE DO NOT TRY! It is illegal almost everywhere. This is because it is called animal abuse no matter how sick the cat is, and illegal in many places to even bury it in the ground! First I know most people are telling you about vets coming to yo.

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If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. My BF's Siamese is about 18 and a real pain in the ass. The damn thing can't even see and shits ccat the floor.

I'm not mean to it, and don't want it to feel any pain. But I know my BF won't take her to the vet, ever. I don't how to kill a cat at home to spend the money myself. He won't because he will hkw wait for the stupid thing to keel over. I what to eat before the gym to gain muscle like to get rid of it while he's a work and then tell him the thing just went to sleep and didn't wake up.

Yes, OP. Just ring the nearest humane society and tell them your BF is a cunt who doesn't care hpw his pet properly. They will euthanize your cat and hopefully do your BF at the same time. This is a really shitty thing to do behind your BF's back.

How would you like being deceived like that? Do you know what trust means? Yeah, R8, but how many are willing to lie about the cause of death?

They have something called "ethics" apparently. Why does your Bf even have a cat if he cares so little as to cruelly "wait for the stupid thing to keel over"?!!

U both sound like heartless bastards. He loves the yome so much, but there is not point to us having it any longer, it's just a blind shitting machine. Still he will just let it go around for jill reason. I'm from TX and believe me this would've already been dealt with in the pasture with a. There is. My dad did it to one of my dogs, Bandit once. It was horrendous and in no way peaceful or relieving.

YOU need to move hoome of the apartment. Putting down a pet is a kil, for a professional, Homee. Start by having an actual talk with your BF about why it's time. I once paid to what lure to use for walleye one of my aunt's seriously ill cats euthanized. But she was becoming pretty demented my aunt and not able to decide on her own is your BF demented?

A quarter of a sleeping pill will knock it out. Then it is a simple matter of laying it on the driveway and "accidentally" running over it in what kinds of heart diseases are there car.

If you act inconsolable enough your BF may even buy you some new jewellry to make you feel better. You should have an honest discussion with your boyfriend and also keep in mind this is a living creature. If you both decide to have the cat put down please make ah a vet does it. As another person said, treat the cat the way you would want to be treated. There are always consequences for the decisions we make in life, especially those that affect another.

Make sure you do what is right. It may seem inconsequential now, but with most moral choices, the consequences can be far reaching. OP - how sad you are to be inconvenienced by that thing that can't see and "shits on the floor".

Instead of doing the right, the moral, wt humane, you and your pathetic boyfriend allow that poor cat to suffer because you are too cheap and too cruel to give it proper care and attention. Why in the hell would you post this question here?

You don't care about acting in humane manner or you would not have ask such a horrible question. Are you that brainless and czt to think you can euthanize a cat at home? I just hope, OP, that you are treated homme dignity, sensitivity and humanely when you might blind and or might shit on the floor during your elder years. Can someone find that hilarious scene in the BBC comedy series about three desperate chicks where one kills the sick cat with a brick. I can't remember the name of the show but it's gut wrenchingly funny.

It's a one word name. I know a way, but I'm not telling you. Go to a vet and get the cat euthanized. Uome can bring the cat home and fake that it died there. Your boyfriend never has to know. Just don't charge it how to write an electronic signature in word your credit card.

Come on - I'm an hlw lover and I think this thread is hysterical. Only the fat thighed, urine pantied fraus are taking this seriously. You're having hysterics?? You should w Perhaps they can bring you some hemlock. That should do the trick. To hell with the mangy cathow the hell can I do an at home euthanization of my 4 year old hellion? Dear god help me. OP, I hope when you get old you how to get stains off glass very disabled and a real pain in the ass to your caregivers who will just look for a way to rid themselves or you.

Why is it so much more humane to take the cat out of the house in a box? Animals like the taste of anti-freeze. Bow ID has lots of episodes with people killing their spouses that way catt its painless. The writer from TX sounds like a total heartless asshole.

YOU should be taken to a pasture and shot! It's just an injection to put the cat to sleep. Not expensive if you bury the cat killl. The cremation of the body is what costs a lot. I had some pills leftover from my dog's surgery a couple of months ago Acepromazine?

I put them on some peanut butter and tried to smear it what is the meaning of gsm network the cat's whiskers and mouth, she pissed on me and ran away.

I tried trapping her in her carrier but no luck on that either. Anyhow she's still around She's stopped grooming herself altogether and freaking stinks. OP raises an interesting question: If you brought your pet to a vet to be euthanized, would the vet require proof the pet is really yours? I had my dog put down when she was nearly how to kill a cat at home as painful an experience as you can imagine.

This was kind of an emergency situation, so I took her to an emergency vet clinic ti a Sunday. But I don't remember the vet ever asking for proof I had the authority to ask that she be euthanized. OP, yes, if you can't bring to a vet, then pills are the most humane way. Grind the pills and put them in the cat killl, make sure you put enough in to do the job. On the day Oill finally got the courage to have her euthanized, I found her sprawled on the kitchen floor nome her own urine.

She could not longer even stand up. The OP is the one that should go jump off a cliff - what a selfish asshole you are. Heaven forbid you have to get up off your precious lazy ass and take care of an innocent animal from time to time. Killing a cat because cag "annoys" you? I hope your soon to fat ex boyfriend what medication stops a runny nose out what you are up to and sends you packing.

Did it ever occur to you that the reason the cat is living as long as ho,e has, is because it's been enjoying a good life with an owner that loves it? I've raised three dogs, all of which died naturally and peacefully in our home - we didn't need to "put them down" or just assume they were "suffering" as an excuse for not wanting to care for them in their senior years. Didn't Dwight do it humanely by putting one of Angela's cats in the freezer?

It's just like slowly going to sleep. First kull all, a blind cat who shits on the floor probably ISN'T suffering.

Feeding the Diabetic Cat

Jun 29,  · Cats just don't share our hang-ups about bowel habits. He or she gets up, eats, shits, finds a warm, sunny spot to sleep in, and (hopefully) feels safe & loved. When the cat finally dies, YOUR life is going to be living hell for a year or more, because a guy with a beloved 18+ year old cat is going to be *devastated* when he's gone. If you need cat help, click my Nationwide List of Stray Cat Removal Experts for a pro near you. How to Kill a Feral Cat Feral cats are an absolute nuisance. They are both predators and scavengers who feed on birds and small rodents as well as anything left in open garbage cans or left over cat food outdoors. Dec 30,  · How To Euthanize A Dog Or Cat: Don't Try This At Home Twice in as many weeks I’ve been asked whether I would authorize the at-home euthanasia of a pet with a household stash of controlled drugs. Both individuals asking are in the human medical profession.

Many of the things discussed below will probably go through your thoughts. Hopefully this will help you understand your new situation and you won't feel so overwhelmed. The First Day The initial shock and fear you feel when the vet tells you that your pet has diabetes can be overwhelming.

Diabetes is a treatable condition and your pet can live a normal, happy, healthy life. Diabetes is not a death sentence for your pet. This is a very complicated issue and depends on the overall health of your pet. Age alone should not be the deciding factor in determining whether to treat your diabetic pet or whether to euthanize it. Many older pets have been diagnosed with diabetes and with commitment and loving care, they have lived many more years.

Our cat was diagnosed at age 14, and after almost three years with diabetes he is very healthy and happy. There are diabetic cats and dogs that are quite elderly 18 years old or more and are in very good health. You may want to read some of the Quality of Life stories that are on this site. You must provide a very high level of care for your pet on a daily basis. Gone are the days of putting out food and water, giving a quick pat on the head, and hurrying out the door.

Every day you will have to give your pet medication, feed a proper diet, and watch his behavior. Do not overdose vomiting. Only use Xylazine once in your loading dose. Atropine causes dry mouth which helps immensely to minimize vomiting side effect of Xylazine. All dogs are different. Are you considering euthanasia for your diabetic cat? This is something that I would only consider if the pain and suffering got to a level were the most humane thing was euthanasia. However with a proper treatment plan there is no reason why cats should not be able to lead a normal a life as possible for many years.

But I can understand why many owners might feel daunted by the prospect of looking after a diabetic cat and consider euthanasia as a first choice. Caring for a diabetic cat requires a serious commitment. Your life pretty much revolves around the shot schedule, and going away on vacation or even a weekend is problematic. So are you considering euthanasia for your diabetic cat? What I believe is that once you get over the initial teething problems, looking after a diabetic cat can become straightforward but of course you do need to keep an extra eye out as you would for a sick loved one.

Blood sugar checking and the insulin shots again should not be too time consuming and again once the teething problems have been resolved they should become routine.

If you have more than one responsible member in the family make sure that you all are able to do these tasks and share them out.

Comments are now closed. Zoe is doing fine; a change in diet has done wonders. Thanks, everyone! I just found out that my year-old cat, Zoe, has diabetes. Zoe and I go way back; I adopted her from the Anti-Cruelty Society when she was 2 and she has been a constant presence.

But now she's old. She is a cat. I'm not willing to spend thousands of dollars on medical care and I don't have the time or energy to give her a daily insulin shot and monitor her blood glucose level.

The vet said she's not suffering, so I'm going to let nature take its course. After I confessed this at today's weekly Q staff meeting, my colleague Heidi Stevens nodded knowingly. We all gasped. She added: "I took in my cat from a friend who found him at 4 weeks old, too young for a shelter to keep him, I was told.

He was a cute kitten, but is a joyless, mean-spirited, weak-stomached 8-year-old cat now. I find myself longing for the day when he's no longer with us, but I can't bring myself to take him to a shelter because I know no one would adopt him, and I couldn't live with myself knowing that I, in effect, ended his life.

So I just go through life resenting him and his various messes. Or tips on how to give a cat hospice care? Kristine Timpert's quirky little book "If Babies Did Crunches" tries to sugarcoat an important message for adults: Beware of crunches. The not-just for-kids book stresses that if you really want to banish tummy flab or back pain, clean up your diet and mimic your child's natural play patterns, which includes squatting, pushing, pulling, balancing and lunging.

Go to: Introduction Ketosis and ketoacidosis are severe complications of diabetes mellitus that can occur in both newly diagnosed and poorly controlled diabetic dogs and cats. Diabetic ketoacidosis DKA occurs when a relative deficiency of insulin and increased glucoregulatory hormones lead to an overproduction of ketones 1.

Along with fluid therapy, insulin therapy is one of the cornerstones of DKA management. Insulin is required to prevent lipolysis, halt hepatic ketogenesis and gluconeogenesis, and promote tissue metabolism of glucose and ketones 1. Continuous low dose regular insulin infusions are the standard of care in humans with DKA 6— Proposed insulin treatment methods for cats include intermittent regular insulin intramuscularly IM or subcutaneously SC 2 , intermittent long-acting insulin IM 2,12 , and continuous regular insulin intravenous infusions Regular insulin continuous rate infusions CRI are becoming the standard of care in veterinary medicine for the treatment of systemically ill DKA patients.

This allows a slow and steady decline of blood glucose and resolution of electrolyte imbalances. It often requires intensive patient monitoring with hour patient care and frequent blood sampling. Last year, toward the end of August, I made one of the most difficult decisions in my life.

I decided to put Annabelle, our year-old family dog, to sleep. Her later years, as they are for many of us, had not been kind.

I knew it was time. We took her for one last walk around Saratoga Springs, letting her lead the way. Fed her an entire pack of hotdogs. Her last day, I suppose, went as well as could be expected, even as it remains one of the saddest experiences of my life. A quick Google search brought up these pretty detailed instructions for building a CO2 chamber for euthanizing a small pet: Small animal euthanasia at home.

You take such good care of your diabetic cat. Kitty gets his insulin shots and his special food right on time each day. Unfortunately, diabetes is an insidious disease. No matter how well you care for Kitty, he could experience complications. Early detection can make a difference. Feline Diabetes Mellitus The cat's pancreas produces insulin, a hormone regulating glucose in the body.

When the pancreas stops producing insulin or the amount produced is inefficient, Kitty's body begins the breakdown of stored protein and fat to use in the body. High levels of sugar in his system leads to frequent peeing.

If your cat was diagnosed with diabetes, you probably brought him to the vet because he lost weight, was always hungry and thirsty and flooded the litter box. Cats with diabetes are either insulin-dependent, meaning they require daily or more frequent injections of insulin, or non-insulin dependent, meaning the disease is manageable without insulin shots.

Feline Diabetic Neuropathy If your diabetic cat exhibits problems with his rear legs or begins walking oddly, take him to the vet as soon as possible.

He could be suffering from feline diabetic neuropathy, probably the most frequently seen complication in diabetic felines. Feline diabetic neuropathy occurs because of the degeneration of certain nerves.

Instead of moving normally, Kitty might seem stuck in a crouching position. As the problems spreads, it can affect Kitty's front legs and other body parts. Your vet might adjust his insulin dose, along with supplementation with a type of vitamin B12 called methylcobalamin, to help reverse the course of the neuropathy.

Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia is the term for low-blood sugar, occurring when Kitty receives too much insulin. Both individuals asking are in the human medical profession. Some things are best left to the healthcare providers who do it on a regular basis. Or how about the dog who throws up her load of how many? This was also the exact phrase uttered by the year-old father of the former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger as he lay dying a slow, painful death.

Putting down animals is something that commands near-universal support. Even PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals , which has questioned the morality of using guide dogs, agrees that "euthanasia, performed properly, is often the most compassionate option" to "prevent the suffering of unwanted animals in the most responsible and humane way possible".

And, says Dawn Murray, of the Living With Pet Bereavement support website, every consideration is now taken for the animal and its distraught owner. There is consideration for the impact on the owner in ways that would have been unheard of.

Which is somewhat strange given how often vets are called upon to end the lives of our pets. Studies in Australia and the US have suggested that throughout their careers vets may have to perform euthanasia four to five times a day.

For vets working in animal rescue, the number is much higher. Hello, I have been grieving because a few days ago I had my cat euthanized. I am feeling terribly guilty and sad, she was my beloved baby doll and I never imagined I would have to do this. She had uncontrollable diabetes for several years and I had tried, under my vet's advice, various dosages with little improvement.

She had been urinating outside of her litter box for a few years now and I did not mind dealing with that, I loved her I would have done anything for her.

She also had a tumor in her ear, and my vet told me it was inoperable because they could not get her blood sugar under control, and surgery would be too risky for her. My vet advised me to put her to sleep a couple of years ago and I refused because I could not bear the thought of it.

I decided to put her to sleep recently because she started urinating farther and farther away from her box, into my bedroom and on my bed, which was hard to deal with. Now I just miss her and regret doing it and wonder if I made the right decision.

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