How to install a zero clearance wood fireplace

how to install a zero clearance wood fireplace

Zero Clearance Fireplace: What You Should Know

Apr 20,  · Fireplace dealer Kris Renier installs a new zero-clearance fireplace and explains how it operates. Jan 29,  · Obadiah's: Installing a Zero Clearance Fireplace Part 1 - Safety and Chimney TipsWoody from Obadiah's shows you what goes into installing a see-thru fireplac.

A zero clearance fireplace is a prefabricated, factory-built fireplace that can be installed virtually anywhere, including right next to walls and directly on floors, thanks to its highly insulated construction. These fireplaces have become popular in new construction and remodels alike because they don't require a masonry base and are what makes a person famous to install.

They also tend to be more energy efficient than traditional fireplaces because they have fans that circulate air. Made of either sheet metal or cast iron, zero clearance fireplaces can be either wood-burning or gas. They also come complete with a prefabricated chimney that is installed inside or outside the home which must be considered for placement.

When purchasing a zero clearance fireplace, make sure the size of the firebox opening is scaled to the size of the room to assure adequate heat coverage and energy efficiency. Most zero clearance fireplaces have glass doorswhich are either designed to operate with the glass doors open or closed. Place wood to the back of the fireplace. This helps prevent smoke from spilling out of the front. Clean chimneys annually to prevent the fire from burning somewhere fireplcae can't see or control.

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specified for use with this zero clearance wood inbuilt. caution: do not obstruct air inlets. this zero clearance wood inbuilt needs air for its good operation. caution: do not block the hot air vents to the zero clearance wood inbuilt as this will cause the zero clearance wood inbuilt to overheat. zero clearance factory built fireplace installation and operation manual quality fireplaces for life not d installer: leave this manual with the appliance. consumer: retain this manual for future reference. warning: read instructions carefully before installation. failure to install this fireplace . Place the fireplace on the base and place a level horizontally across the frame. Find the leveling screws at the bottom of the fireplace and adjust them up and down. Use shims to level the fireplace if it is not equipped with leveling screws. Adjust the corners so the framework is level side to side and front to back.

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Status Not open for further replies. This may be a stupid question, but I need to ask This spring, I'd like to replace my old Fireplace Extrordinair zero clearance fireplace. My plan was to remove the zero clearance, turn the existing chase into an alcove, and install a PE Summit wood stove in the alcove. My wife's not crazy about the alcove idea thinks it will look funny , and wants to stick with the look of the zero clearance.

I'm really hesitant to intall a new zero clearance. The old one 20 years old has never worked that well, and I don't want to go through the nightmare of replacing one again down the road requires all the rock and mantel to be torn out, down to the studs. Is there any way to upgrade the chase to allow installation of an insert rather than a zero clearance?

Perhaps that would be a good compromise. There are also a lot more inserts to choose from Thanks for your help on this. I've attached a few photos of the current setup. MrGriz New Member. Oct 11, 1, Waterford, WI www. You really need something to "insert" the insert into. There are inserts that can be installed in zero clearance fireplaces. You first need to check and see if your fireplace is approved for an insert at it's age it may not be. Then any insert you installed would also have to be approved for installation in the zero clearance fireplace.

It's a long shot and your choices will be limited. I think the alcove with a freestanding stove would be a great option. At that point, you will have ton of good choices for a stove. However if the Mrs. I'm sure that they have made many improvements over the past 20 years.

What problems are you having with the existing unit? Maybe there's a fix. Thanks for the input, MrGriz. The existing unit doesn't work well, and apparently never did learned this from the dealer who sold the stove to the previous owner. It puffs smoke into the room whenever the doors are opened. Members of the forum have suggested a number of fixes - but so far, nothing has panned out. Since I'll have the alcove down to the studs when I pull out the Extrordinair, I was wondering if there is some kind of noncombustible materials I could install to simulate an existing fireplace and go with an insert TMonter Minister of Fire.

Feb 8, 1, Hayden, ID. If your looking for something that can be used as both a fireplace and a wood stove heating unit you might look into the Quadrafire A bit spendy but I know several people who swear by them. Nov 17, 12, Western Mass. You pretty much have to rip the entire deal out and install another "built-in" stove and chimney - or, if the clearances allow, you can install a stove in the alcove, but that may be difficult size-wise Yes, you could install a pre-fab regular fireplace in there and then install an insert into it approved and listed insert for this app , but that might have some down sides also.

For instance, ZC fireplace can sometimes "wick" in cold air when not in use. If you do a lot of homework and buy a really well proven built-in unit with regular Class A chimney not the fireplace-type pipe as the FPX used , then you might be on the right track. It looks like you are tight on room, and therefore that may be a good way to go. Way back when, I used and installed units like the BIS, and I can assure you that even 20 years ago these units heated up a storm!

The customer satisfaction was quite high. FPX built-ins have had some problem over the years, which the manufacturer has been addressing as they go. When I visited Travis Industries, they were conducting some tests on that unit in an attempt to improve cold frigid weather performance.

Thanks for your help, everyone. TMonter, I'll definately add the Quadrafire FP to the list if I end up going with another zero clearance fireplace. Craig, what is the BIS that you referred to? Is that a brand? Also, what is a "regular Class A chimney"?

Generic chimney as opposed to, for instance, "temco" or "majestic" chimney that could be used with FPX. It usually has either or both dead air spaces and insulation, as opposed to "flowing" cooling air like the double-wall "ZC" type pipe.

This stops the problem of certain cold air infiltration. Examples, include metalbestos, metal-fab, excel, etc. Dec 19, 1, Virginia. How about not replacing the fireplace at all? Then seal up the fireplace hole into the house with something appropriate. You can install a wood stove on the hearth enlarging as needing and either run the stovepipe back through the sealed up fireplace, or go up a bit and into the wall with a thimble. Either way exhausting up and out the class A chimney in the chase.

Shane Minister of Fire. Nov 21, 1, Casper Wyoming. Putting in a ZC then installing an insert seems redundant. One thing that I would really look at though is the chimney situation. Make sure that the smoking etc. Thanks for the suggestion, wahoo.

I had the same idea, but am having a hard time selling my wife on it. She thinks the zero clearance looks better. I hear ya.

I'm in the same boat ZC with that chase. I have googled the heck out of alcove intall pictures - they look pretty good in some cases. I'm also worried about resale too and taking my own advice and sealing it up doesn't appeal to me. That said, I've already cut out the built in damper in the ZC so I consider the who thing worthless. At least it is worthless as a functional fireplace I'm looking at your pics again, especially the one with the rock firepalce shown.

I think making that into an alcove and putting rock inside the alcove up to the same height would look awesome. Your house looks awesome by the way. I really think the alcove would look good in that room. In addition to the rock lining inside the alcove, you could put a mantle all the way around the alcove on top of the rock.

A third idea DiscoInferno Minister of Fire. Thanks for the input, everyone. Jun 14, Oregon. Thanks for the input, BTB. Have you made a choice on which fireplace you're going to install, or are you still shopping?

Do you know if any of the units you've suggested can be run with or without the fan being turned on? When we go to sleep at night it would be nice to turn the fan off, and my FPX doesn't allow that - it stays on until the fireplace is cooled down.

Our bedroom is upstairs right above the stove and the fan is annoying.

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