How to go from platinum blonde to medium blonde

how to go from platinum blonde to medium blonde

97 Best Platinum Blonde Hair Colors In 2021

Theres just something about platinum blonde hair thats equal parts glam and laidback. So, its no wonder why this metal-inspired hair color is one of the biggest beauty trends of the moment. Bleach blonde hair is a sparkling icy blonde color that pairs well with any outfit and garners quite a lot of attentionmeaning youre sure to be remembered if you sport this hair hue. Aug 10, If you go platinum or ice blonde, use shampoos that contain blue pigment to maintain the color. Choose a color-care or bleach-safe shampoo and conditioner to preserve color. Try putting coconut oil on your hair once a week. Melt it down and put it on your hair, wrap your hair in plastic wrap, cover it in a towel, and leave on for about an hour%(1).

Subscriber Account active since. I would consider myself a person with abnormally high self-esteem. I spent many years clawing my way out of disordered eating habitsperennial self-doubt, and chronic insecurities so I've never feel the need to explain or apologize for my pursuit of confidence. To be clear, I've never hated my hair and there's nothing technically wrong with it. I have somehow always known that it would give me great pleasure to watch the brown fade away.

So after literal years of debating and making excuses, I finally decided to what is children with special needs on the bleach.

But it wasn't an easy journey. If you're dreaming about achieving that Khaleesi lookhere's what you should know. I wanted a salon that understood me and aligned with my own aesthetic. As a result, I didn't pay much attention to a price range. I am lucky enough to have multiple sources of income and not everyone will be able to afford this process. Many seasoned experts will charge hundreds of dollars for the initial plunge, plus one or two hundred for each touch-up.

But it's in your best interest to invest if you want to make sure it's done properly and safely. I scoured the internet for beauty editor-approved colorists in New York City and reached out for a few consultations. It's a clean, minimalist space with scattered plantlife and the nicest people. Meghan Behrent who maintained platinum blonde hair for many years before adopting the soft, golden waves she currently rocks would helm my transformation.

I showed her an old, pre-motherhood photo of Kylie Jenner for inspiration and we were in business. The one thing that always held me back from taking this leap, aside from the astronomical cost of being blondewas the thought of sacrificing my hair's health. Behrent assured me that with proper preparation and dedicated maintenance, the damage would be manageable. She advised me not to wash my hair for a few days before our next appointment and gave me a hydrating regeneration mask to apply for added protection the day before.

That being said, my hair would most likely be dry. Like, stranded-in-the-desert dry. It would probably become tangled and more difficult to tame, as well. Keep in mind that these side effects can worsen for people of color, as black hair is usually coarser and more delicate. Blond like frank. I was lucky, Behrent said, because I've never dyed my roots before. Virgin hair lifts much quicker and smoother, so the process would only be about six hours yep, "only six hours". Still, there would be no guarantee that my color would achieve the perfect halo of white-blonde on the first try; Behrent explained that hair follicles are persnickety organs, and no two heads will react the same way to bleach.

It's important to understand that if your hair has even a hint of forgotten dye whether it's professional highlights or streaks of Lusty Lavender you will probably need multiple sessions and endure many additional hours in a salon chair.

My fate arrived on a Saturday morning three weeks later. Behrent began by re-explaining her method. She would separate my hair and soak my ends first, followed by my roots. The hair close how to change the homepage in internet explorer your scalp lightens much quicker, she explained, because your head naturally radiates warmth.

You need heat for the color to lift how to go from platinum blonde to medium blonde which is why colorists wrap pieces in tinfoil. I want to stress that she was not kidding around about the heat.

I could literally feel it radiating off of the tinfoil. It wasn't uncomfortable at all it just felt like the side of my head was bathed in direct summertime sunlight. The application itself took about two hours.

I thought that I would need a book or a movie to pass the time, but it was wholly bearable. As Behrent applied the dye, I answered emails and scrolled Instagram. We also chatted about Kim Kardashian West and how her waist-length mane of platinum hair is probably mostly extensions.

I have a reasonably high pain tolerance, but I was fully prepared to feel as though I had set my head on fire. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all those warnings were vast over-exaggerations in my case, at least. The descriptions of a "burning" sensation likely stem from the fact that it twinges while also feeling warm, but it's nothing like the searing pain that I expected.

It was also very short-lived, since the prickling only kicked in once the bleach was applied directly to my scalp. The roots only need to cook for about 20 to 30 minutes. The next steps were to rinse, gently wash, and apply lightening dye and toners to combat the brassy hue.

This is when having a colorist you completely trust will come in handy. The toners can take your hair in a number of different directions, and not every direction will work with every person's individual skin tone or coloring. What to eat with diarrhea and vomiting we had already agreed that I wanted to go "as blonde as humanly possible," Behrent and I needed to touch base about the exact color I was trying to achieve.

We eventually agreed upon a "true platinum" with some beige undertones and a shadow of darker blonde roots. Behrent used a cool toner in order to neutralize the yellow, a cleansing cream to help repair damage, and then applied a deep conditioner. I'm unclear on exactly what happened next. I caught snippets of conversation between Behrent and other various consultants as they debated mixology and exact shades. There was painting, rinsing, repeating then all of a sudden two hours later I went to look in the mirror and I saw a new woman.

Behrent highly recommended getting a trim once the process was over, to get rid of any extra damage and make sure my new look would be clean. I was handed over to stylist Darby Backeswho decided how to get rid of belly button ring infection straight-dry my hair first and then proceed with the trim.

Since blonde locks look much darker when wet, once the haircut was complete and we could see the true color, Behrent actually decided she was a little dissatisfied with some remaining brassy tones in my ends. She dove back in with a lightening extract sans bleach to lift those sections.

Half an hour later, I was re-dried and arguably perfect. I was overjoyed with the final product. I know the photos below don't accurately reflect this joy, but I promise it's there. I'm grateful that I put aside an entire day for the transformation.

The constant dialogue between Behrent and myself, the reevaluations and adjustments, were essential to make sure the color got the attention it needed. In the end, the platinum process was a real commitment, but it was honestly fun and relatively painless. Admittedly, the back of my head did throb not like a headache, but like how you can feel your pulse in your finger after a doctor draws blood. After about 24 hours, this nuisance subsided. I have thoroughly enjoyed testing new styles, products, and makeup looks but the best thing is that now my hair speaks for itself.

It's like an instant accessory. I still don't recognize myself in the mirror sometimes, which is weird, but I feel like I'm somehow presenting myself to the world in a more accurate way. I've also attracted far more unsolicited opinions on my appearance than I ever have. I've even kept a running list how to go from platinum blonde to medium blonde comparisons, made by both friends and strangers.

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Pinterest Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. Copy Link. As a natural brunette, I've dreamed of bleaching my hair into oblivion for many years. I finally decided to take the step and dye my hair platinum blonde. The platinum blonde process is long, expensive, extremely damaging, and sometimes painful.

If you dedicate the right amount of research, commitment, and money to the journey, in my opinion, it's well worth it in the end. Sign up for notifications from Insider! Stay up to date with what you want to know.

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Jan 25, Platinum Blonde Guidelines. Try out blonde wigs: The truth is that some ladies do not look marvelous with blonde hair. To find out if you are not one of those ladies, try out a blonde wig first. It is painless and totally worthy since once you see yourself in blonde, you will know whether you should go down that road or you shouldnt. First I started out with Platinum almost White hair that has been dyed from a box this shade for years. I am however naturally a dirty blonde so my roots were being touched up every 3 weeks. I use to have long thick dirty blonde/dark blonde hair forever, until I got the bleach blonde urge.

I actually went dark red solely to be Jessica Rabbit for last Halloween. My hair was platinum blonde for almost a year, and I miss it every day. People remember a platinum blonde. Sparkling white hair makes you feel happy and glamorous.

I timidly bleached my own roots, toned the yellow out and even trimmed a few dead ends. You cannot bleach your hair white yourself. Get thee to a salon! If your hair is light, it will be relatively easy. A good hairdresser will know how much bleach your hair can take. If they say it needs several processings, trust them. Mine varied between ivory and ice, depending on the day. Bleaching your hair can be an expensive undertaking at first, but trust me and go to a professional.

The most important thing to have in your platinum kit is a good purple toning shampoo. I actually learned about purple shampoo from my dad, whose hair is an enviable bright silver. When your hair is bleached that pale, some yellow brassiness will inevitably creep in. The violet in toners counteracts that ugly stuff. I am a wheat blonde again, but I still throw Shimmer Lights into my rotation a few times a month to brighten my overall tone.

The only downside: it stinks. Also, do not leave your shampoo on longer than about three minutes! Your hair may turn a bit blue! This stuff is not bleach, just toner. You mix one part read: bottle to two parts developer 20 vol. I bought this stuff in bulk. Another less intimidating toner to try is Manic Panic Virgin Snow. All you need to do with that one is slap the whole jar on your head and let it sit for about a half hour. Watch what you put in your hair. Styling aids like hairspray can contribute to buildup and brassiness.

Most companies have started offering blonde-friendly products. Sucks, right? Usually, I would just do my roots to avoid damage to my fragile ends, but sometimes the whole head needed to be done.

Regular trims are necessary when your ends start looking like a broom. You cannot slack on conditioning as a platinum blonde. Moisturize your hair in some form every day. I cannot stress this enough! My hair rejoiced. I would also coat my dry hair with an oil like Kerastase Elixir Ultime , twist it up into a coil and leave it to soak for a day or two.

Personally, I hated having pure white roots. My scalp scared me. I liked a little bit of regrowth, but I bleached my roots about every six weeks. I always kept developer on handusually a bottle of 20 vol.

Because I have a lot of hair, I would use two packets of bleach. They can also keep an eye on the changing colors of the bleach and help you wash it out quickly. I generally left mine on 10 to 20 minutes. It happens. I had a keratin treatment right after I went platinum, and I loved it. It kept my coarse, wavy hair straight and silky so maintenance was minimal.

But when it faded after a few months, I stayed far, far away from the curling wand and the flat iron. If you hair is curly, wear it curly. Keep in mind that excessive bleach can change your hair.

I noticed a slight change in my wave patterns after my platinum days were over. When your hair looks lackluster, get a glossing treatment. A gloss will seal any split ends and impart a nice shine to your bleached hair, which can sometimes get a bit dull. Your light hair will glean a lot of compliments and attention. It is expensive; supplies add up, as do regular visits to the salon.

People will call you Marilyn or Gwen. People will ask to touch your hair. Sometimes you might be too zealous with your toning and end up lavender. You may regret going so pale when your hair feels crunchy. How to do platinum blonde the right way. FB Tweet ellipsis More. How to go platinum blonde. Condition from the inside, too!

I took prenatal vitamins and evening primrose oil capsules. Same goes for spending a lot of money. Conversations I had often went like this:. Close this dialog window Share options. All rights reserved.

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