How to get the smoothest legs

how to get the smoothest legs

How to Get The Smoothest Legs Ever.

??And if you dont shave, no problem, there are ways to keep your legs feeling smooth with hair, too. Exfoliate. Dead surface skin cells can cause your legs to feel rough, so sloughing these cells away is the first step. Using a body exfoliator before hair removal can help. ??Easy Steps to Achieve Soft, Smooth Legs Step 1: Exfoliate. Dead skin cells can make your skin feel bumpy, so shedding them away is the initial step. Using a body exfoliator before hair removal helps. Be sure to exfoliate your legs a few hours before any hair removal process, and use a gentle exfoliant. Step 2: Pick out the Right Razor.

I have a pathological dislike howw pain. Which is why my legs get shaved rather than waxed. Then I ran how to save a family a college friend who how to make pc games lives in Russia and has legs like butter no exaggeration.

Add half a tablespoon each of wheat germ oilcanola oil and sesame oil then stir till everything is all mixed up. Slather onto legs and shave. Simple, right? The oils help soften the hair and lubricate the razor for a closer, knick-free shave. While leaving skin supple and well moisturised.

No razor burn. No dryness. At all. Which is more than I can say for most shaving creams. As for the razor dunk it into a shot glass of vodka this is Russian, remember? I have tried this thrice and my legs are definitely looking much better.

This week, I might even bare them in a thigh-skimming, floaty, chiffon-silk dress. Which, after being safely cocooned in denims all of these past few months, may be a massive shock for them. Send help! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Plus, its super-simple: Pour 3 tablespoons of almond oil in a bowl. Add half a tablespoon each of wheat germ oil, canola oil and sesame oil then stir till everything is all mixed up. Slather onto legs and shave. ??If you want to learn how to get silky smooth legs and any other body parts, then just keep on reading to learn the 5 tricks to save the day! Use a razor with multiple blades When I was growing up, I always used the single blade razor, which is great to start with dont get me wrong. ??After drying off, use a lotion or oil to hydrate your legs. (These are some of our favorite body oils and lotions.) Moisturizing them will help prevent the little red bumps that can sometimes crop.

Have you every wondered how those magazine models got those super silky smooth legs? When I was in middle school and starting high school, I could only dream of having legs like the commercials. You know how it is! Back in those years, I was only using the single blade razors, and it seemed like the hairs would grow back in a matter of a few hours. It was ridiculous and embarrassing until I realized how to get the best experience from razors and tips to get the smoothest legs possible.

But no one needs to know that last bit. If you want to learn how to get silky smooth legs and any other body parts, then just keep on reading to learn the 5 tricks to save the day! Use a razor with multiple blades. But if you want to get the closest shave, then multiple blades is the way to go.

You want to get as close to the hair follicles as you can without cutting yourself. My favorite razor is the Gillette Venus Swirl razor.

I actually received this razor in an Influenster Voxbox to try out for free and I truly loved how it worked.

Use a shaving cream. I always thought shaving cream was for men and so I always just used my body soap to create a safe guard for me to follow. It also pumps up your skin so after shaving, your skin still feels moisturized and silky feeling. After trying numerous brands of shaving creams in the market, my favorite by far is the Skintimate Shaving Gel. It comes out like a gel but once rubbing the product onto your skin, it becomes more like a foam consistency.

It smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling super soft after using it. Shave in multiple directions. It also helps with those hard to get places, such as your ankles, knees, and armpits. Instead of just shaving up and down, try going side to side or crisscross across the area to get every hair. Use a body scrub after shaving. A good quality body scrub has a slightly rough or beady texture and it does a good job of getting rid of the dead skin that collects on top of your skin.

The smell alone is amazing and so yummy, but it really does work as a body scrub. Use a thick body butter at night. I love getting out of the shower after shaving and lathering on a thick body butter. Its keeps all of the moisture in and leaves your body feeling super soft. For a more natural solution for a body butter, you can always use coconut oil as a lotion and that will also lock in the moisture for a long period of time.

Hopefully you learn something from this post and this post has helped you gain the best experience you can from shaving. If you enjoyed this post, please share it across your social media accounts so that this post can reach even more people! What are your shaving tips? Do you have any funny stories from shaving or from when you were learning how to shave?

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