How to custom fit golf clubs

how to custom fit golf clubs

How I Fit and Build Clubs

Best options for a custom fit golf clubs Online e-Fit. Online e-Fit offers a quick and easy approach to fit your golf clubs. They promise to fit your club to suit your swing speed as well as physical body attributes. They will request you to send them your measurement so ?·?As I mentioned earlier, the purpose of getting custom fit is to help identify the clubs that will help you play your best. Fortunately, the fitting simulator numbers don’t lie and, as a result, don’t sell yourself short by showing up for the fitting with your mind made up on each club head, shaft model, and shaft flex that you want to put into

If you are looking how to custom fit a set of golf clubs, there are 4 areas that you will t to address: shaft flex, shaft length, lie angle, and grip size. Your shaft flex is determined by your swing speed.

If your swing is between 70mphmph,then you need a regular flex driver, 90mph mph is stiff flex, and anything above mph is glf stiff.

The next area to look at is how to determine the correct shaft length for your custom golf clubs. Your correct length can't be determined based solely off of your height. Some taller people have shorter arms and vice versa. The best way to determine proper shaft length for custo, custom fit golf clubs is to get into an athletic stance like you're set up to the golf ball, and measure the distance between your wrists and the floor.

You can cluhs adjust the shaft length in conjunction with your golf swing. If you have a habit of hitting the ball thin, you can add length to the shaft to help you stay down into the shot. The next point of emphasis when going in for a club fitting is the lie angle. The lie angle is the relationship golff the shaft of the golf club and the bottom of the club head. It's the angle between the shaft and the ground. If you get fitted by a professional, they will most likely put a piece of tape on the sole of the golf club and have you hit golf balls on a black board called a lie board.

Where the mark is left on the tape will determine where your club head is coming through at impact. If the mark is toward the heel or the toe of the club, changing the lie angle of your how to custom fit golf clubs can help counteract your tendency, and help come through square for more pure contact.

For instance, if you have a habit of coming through impact with the heel of the club first, then what is the over under can pull the toe of the club head down a couple degrees to help square up at impact. The image below demonstrates how having your lie angle too upright or too flat can affect your ball flight.

To finish up customizing your golf clubs, it's time to determine the grip size how to become a canadian permanent resident by marriage you will need. I like to keep this simple. If you want to check on your own to see if your grips are the right size for you, simply grab a golf club and set up like you're going to hit a golf ball.

While gripping the club, check your left hand and if your middle and ring fingers are barely touching your left palm, then your grip is the right size. You don't want a gap,nor do you want those fingers to be too bunched close to your palm.

In addition to those four stages of club fitting, there are many more ways to customize your set of golf clubs to fit your game. For example, you can change the lofts on your woods if you want to hit the ball lower or higher. Another option for you is to mix up your 14 clubs in your bag.

You could switch out a low iron for a hybrid golf club, or even add another wedge instead of a low iron. You can use any combination of golf clubs, as long as the total doesn't exceed 14 clubs. At Traveling Caddy, we offer shaft flexes for every caliber of player including regular, stiff, and women's. We offer clubs with bigger cavity gold for players looking for more distance, as well as blade irons for the lower handicap players looking for more feel.

With our rental golf clubs, we offer some of the newest technology on the market at the best prices in the country.

What do I need to know to get custom fit golf clubs?

It is a better way to custom fit and build golf clubs that large major brands can not offer in that labor would cost too much and the process of custom fitting would be too time and labor intensive to offer the golfer. Unfortunately, because every golfer is different a single target MOI ?·?Custom fitted golf clubs can be a fantastic way to take your golf game to the next level. They help provide greater consistency and overall help golfers enjoy the game more. During a custom club fitting, a professional will make various measurements and collect data about your swing so they can construct the best set of clubs for 3. MODEL SELECTION. Now we have the starting specification of your club we will then move into the dynamic part of the fitting where we will use state of the art launch monitor technology to determine the best head design to improve your game. 4.

Every golf manufacturer and media outlet bangs on about it continually and we must all sound a bit like a broken record. But what were are going to do — and what we want your aim for to be — is make sure you get the RIGHT custom-fitted golf clubs.

We know how a good fitting should go down. By all means talk about what clubs you like the look of and talk about what shot shapes and ball flights you want to see. But very often a session for some new custom-fitted golf clubs starts with the fitter asking you what your handicap is and what current irons you play. What that often does is it gives the fitter a pre-conceived idea on how the fitting is going to go.

Golfers are often pigeon-holed by their handicaps — good players prefer blades, higher handicappers need chunky distance irons. You need to hit the short irons, mid-irons and long irons. And you need to hit your hybrid or first fairway wood to make sure you get the right gapping. More than three-quarters of tour players have a mixed set of irons.

Or at the very least take your custom-fitted golf clubs away, play a couple of rounds and then come back to assess how well everything is working. Again, this is key with the driver. Many drivers have heaps of adjustability and the way you hit it during your fitting may not match the way you hit it every other day. A fitter can only fit you based on what he sees during your fitting. Your fitter has left no stone unturned and has found you the perfect set of custom-fitted golf clubs. But then he writes down regular instead of stiff for your iron shafts.

Or blue lie angle dot instead of yellow. Or forgets to note your preference for a mid-size grip. So make sure you stay engaged during the whole process so you can spot any discrepancies at the end when the final order is being place. And when your new custom-fitted golf clubs arrive, make sure they are exactly what you were fitted into. How to make sure you get fitted for the right golf clubs by James Savage January 10, Equipment. Read more. What's in Cameron Smith's bag?

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