How to burn down my school without getting caught

how to burn down my school without getting caught

101 Ways To Kill your teachers

Aug 12,  · You have choices: Burn it down and face arsony (if you do get caught) and have that on your permanent record (might make it a little difficult to get a job later, or maybe do a lot of things later. Sep 07,  · Sneaking Out Download Article 1. Remain calm. Panicking when sneaking out can cause you to forget certain details. Remain calm despite the pressure of 2. Go fast, but don’t run. Once the 74%(1K).

House fires are very dangerous. But, unlike tsunamis and earthquakes, they are often preventable. Most of us have heard fire prevention rules since we were in second grade, but have buried some of them along with several state capitals and the name of the 25th President and yes, we had to look that up too.

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The tree was on fire. I walked out of the room and my aunt was screaming and hollaring and I was so scared. I started to cry so much. Jullian was very sad and so was my sister, Mckenzie. My uncle called and we ran out of the house like there was no tommorrow.

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10 Awesome Ways to Burn Down Your House

Jan 30,  · How to burn down your school without getting caught. by laeparsons featuring a blue tutuLong sleeve crop top$ - dattiktok.come dattiktok.comfrey Campbell dattiktok.comic Panic blue dattiktok.comS Set Of Two Vintage Style Sequin Flower Jan 24,  · if you could do anything without getting caught what would it be and why? Answer Save. 20 Answers. Relevance. Awesome Me. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. burn my school down. because i hate my school. 4 0? Lv 4. 5 years ago. Jun 24,  · Push them down the hill Lock them in the library and let them starve - no matter how many A+’s they offer Hypodermic needle - like bee sting Ask for bus money - then shove it down their throat Sing in your worst voice until they shoot themselves Ask so many questions that they commit suicide Ask for after school help

I'll use those ideas on my sibling for testing. Thank you this was very helpful, though hypothetically speaking if i murdered my music teacher how should I go about hiding the body? I like your ideas. I already did number What would you recommend? Thank you so much!

Much thanks is needed. I'll try. Deviation Actions. Ask them to help you, when they bend over, stab them 3.

Shoot them 5. Hide at the back of the classroom and shoot them 6. Shoot them with a poisonous dart 8. Put a length of wire on the door when their about to walk in 9.

Put a guillotine on their office door Do a project on the guillotine and ask the teacher to help demonstrate how it works Push them out of a window at the top H or M block In Society and History make a model catapult and practice aiming Practice archery in class In PE - Baseball Accidently stab them in the eye with a pen when asking for help Be good - it will give them a heart attack Place a bomb in their office and claim it as science homework Take the brakes out of their car Shove them in canteen oven - on high Drop something heavy out the window as they walk past Stab them in the back - literally Drown them in Mr.

Push them down the hill Hypodermic needle - like bee sting Ask for bus money - then shove it down their throat Sing in your worst voice until they shoot themselves Ask so many questions that they commit suicide Ask for after school help When alone creep up behind them and strangle them Follow them home Go on an excursion - somewhere with water In PE - Javelin throwing Feed them chocolate until they pop! In music bash them over the head with a sax Set the mafia on them When alone lock the door Make them read a Frerard Put a retractable spike in their chair Put a letter bomb in the class roll Push them down the H block stairs Trip them - make sure they land on a brick Push them in front of a bus In Design in wood Use the sharp objects Scream rape in class - rot in prison Become a vampire Hire a hit man Give them AIDS On their birthday give them a box Place a bomb to go off when they start their car Follow them home and film - place on YouTube - die of embarrassment Bring your poisonous pet spider to school Lock them in a room and set fire to it Run them over Contact a terrorist Tell them your deep dark secret On camp while chopping fire wood Creep up behind them and snap their neck Scream out they have chocolate or coffee to share - watch the kids trample them Excursion to the zoo - feed teacher to lions Paralyse them and lock them in the school Ask them out repeatedly Bring hair straightener to school - burn or strangle Help them fix the roof Hang an axe over the door In robotics' program the robot to take over the world In drama ask for a volunteer for death scenes In cooking ask for help chopping Give them a bunch of poisonous flowers Crucify them for the school play Set off deadly gasses in science Make them do PE Knee cap them then when their down Blow up their house Visit the science store room Make the lights fall on their head Stab them in the neck with a compass In PE - shot put aiming Hit them in the back with a chair In sewing shove knitting needles in their ears In sewing there are a lot of very handy pins Suffocate them Tape a plastic bag over their head Learn hypnosis Challenge them to a fight to the death On camp find a handy cliff Shove them in the freezer Slam their head against a wall Impale on flag pole Smash their head into a computer.

I can't believe he poked my fucking eye out! It's gonna be okay. You don't have to go around with a glass eye in your head!

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