How much money did it cost to make gta 5

how much money did it cost to make gta 5

List of most expensive video games to develop

Dec 27, There is no official data on how much it cost to develop GTA 5. Rockstar employees are hiding the information, because it may affect the perception of the project. But from reliable sources, we know for sure, that GTA 5 cost $ million. Interesting fact. The infusion into GTA 5 hasnt stopped. The game continues to evolve. Dec 18, GTA V Art Director Aaron Garbut revealed that the game costs roughly $ million to develop and market. This price makes GTA V one of the most expensive games to make of .

Rockstar Games, over the years, have built a strong reputation for putting out AAA releases that are extremely polished and are worth every penny. The GTA franchise has always been the crown jewel of Rockstar since what is used to measure humidity in the air s. While the first two games saw moderate success, they weren't exactly setting the world alight.

However, both developers and gamers across the globe had seen potential in the GTA franchise. Each release that followed in the franchise was- from then on- extremely well-received by both fans and critics.

GTA San Andreas went on to become the best-selling game on Sony's PlayStation 2 and is considered a cultural landmark in videogames and pop culture. While the GTA franchise has always been questioned in the media due to its graphic content, violence and controversial scenes like the torture sequence gow GTA 5the games continue to be massively successful.

GTA 5 was released to much fanfare and anticipation inand although the PC version did not come out until nearly two years later, it did ultimately see a lot of success at launch. GTA 5 is third on the list of the best-selling video games of all time, only behind Minecraft and Tetris. New User posted their first comment. Log in. GTA Feature. Modified 18 Jun mucu How mkae money has GTA 5 made to date? Image Courtesy: Statista Research GTA 5 was released to much fanfare and anticipation inand although the PC version did not come out until nearly two years later, it did ultimately see a lot of success at launch.

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How much money has GTA 5 made to date?

Sep 08, The upcoming video game "Grand Theft Auto 5" is reported to have cost $ million to produce and market, making it the most expensive video game ever produced. Hot cash Have you ever wondered how much a game like Grand Theft Auto V costs to make? We dont have official figures, but Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia suspects that the sum is around $ Sep 10, Speaking to Edinburgh's own Scotsman newspaper on Sunday, GTA 5 art director Aaron Garbut placed the sum at an astounding ? million (roughly $m USD). That's even more than the famous fee paid Author: Samuel James Riley.

With the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 on Sept. How has Grand Theft Auto become such a dominant franchise and what does its success say about the future of video games? The Grand Theft Auto series was launched in as a somewhat plain-looking game where the player had a satellite-like view of a 2D city.

The game was met with slightly above average reviews, but received a wave of media attention for its focus on car-jacking and allowing players to attack pedestrians. As is often the case, the controversy over the game's violence created a wave of PR that was a boon to sales. A second version of the game was launched in that looked very much like the first. Like its predecessor, it performed well, but was well below the league of videogame's biggest blockbusters. The game maintained the "open world" appeal of the first two games in the series, but was designed with an advanced 3D game engine.

The game took the video game world by storm, winning several "Game of the Year" awards on its way to selling more than Grand Theft Auto' s run of success is even more impressive when you consider three titles were released in such short time between and However, with the release of more powerful "next generation" consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation 3 in and , the series was overhauled to take advantage.

Graphics got better, maps got bigger, the already expansive "open world" premise behind Grand Theft Auto was taken to new extremes in the development of Grand Theft Auto IV. As a result, the game also took longer to create; missing its initial launch date of October At the time, that was among the highest ever development costs for a video game.

Yet, the gamble on creating such an expensive and ambitious game paid off. Graphics once again got better and the gameplay world got bigger. The fictional world of San Andreas where Grand Theft Auto 5 is set is so large the company introduced planes for travel across the map. The enormous scale and detail in Grand Theft Auto 5 led to record shattering development costs. That sum puts Grand Theft Auto up against The Old Republic for the title of the most expensive to produce video game of all time.

Yet, Grand Theft Auto 5 already has had no problems recouping the massive resources spent on creating and marketing the game. The previous title-holder for fastest game to reach a billion in sales was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 , which took 15 days. In its first month of release, Grand Theft Auto 5 looks set to outsell the entire global music industry.

The video game industry is entering an interesting phase. The end result of these megablockbuster games could be more concentration around the high and low-end of video games. With each successive console generation packing in more power, which enables larger worlds and more realistic graphics, the cost of pushing the limits grows higher. The financial risk of a new franchise with a huge budget is too great for most studios not to mention only a handful have the resources to create games with such huge budgets , so a franchise like Grand Theft Auto that's a sure-fire hit can keep higher budgets, push the limit, and stand apart.

On the other end, low-end development of cheaper games will continue growing. While most mobile games fail to get traction, the huge user base of over a billion smartphone customers is too great an opportunity to ignore. While a huge hit like Candy Crush Super Saga won't be bringing in a billion dollars in a month anytime soon, it also costs a fraction to make. Smaller studios can create a higher number of games hoping for just a few to hit and recoup their total development costs. In the end that means more records smashed from the biggest franchises in the years ahead even as attention continues to build around mobile gaming.

The causality here could potentially be mid-tier games without the budget to stand out among the best console games, but too in-depth to appeal to the casual gaming crowd on mobile devices. In any case, I wouldn't bet against the next Grand Theft Auto being the first game to hit a billion in sales on its first day of release.

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